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The Clear Statement Of U.S. Nuclear War Policy Concerning The Odds Of Nuclear War How Today’s Weed Became So Psychotic & Addictive – You Can Blame Big Tobacco & Big Pharma

Y Combinator Downsizes 40% – YLabs™ UT & UCSD Who In Tech Has Cut Workforce So Far In 2022 Ivy League Nannies – Six Figure Salaries China’s Real Estate Is In Severe Depression. Severe. 10:00 Sunova To Build CA Off-Grid Neighborhoods – SUNz How China Turned The Solomon Islands CEOs Go Buff

Columns™ Monthly – August 2022 “Make it simple, but magnificently significant.” - G. Wheeler

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Source: MIT MIT: Growing New Organs In You – Livers & Kidneys (mit$)^

Source: Gogoro Gogoro’s 500,000th Battery Swap – GGo™, Sprite™

Source: Salk Institute

Treatment Of Premature Aging Disease

Source: DeGoede Farm

Photovoltaic Greenhouses, USDA – BJYFederal™, SUNz™ (2)

Source: Electrek /Tesla Elon Sees Gifting Tesla Robots To Parents

Source: CleanTechnica Solving Complex Farming Issues With Solar

Source: Curtis Compton U.S. First New Nuclear Plant In 30 Years – HYNUS™




Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Neuroscience, And The Beta 3AGI™ Project

India & China Join Russia In Massive War Games (2)

Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s)

Taiwan Shoots Down China’s Drone


Taiwan Billionaire In Sprint To Train 3 Million Warriors

Source: Real Clear Senate, House, And Governor Battles

Restaurants Moving To AI Voice Bots

5,000 Acre LA Wildfire

GM’s Cruise Recalls AI Software In 80 Self-Driving Cars

Brain Development & Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Source: Visual Capitalist

You Knew All Along

Neuro-Symbolic Approaches In Artificial Intelligence

Scientific Exploration And Explainable Artificial Intelligence

AGI Through Visual Pattern Recognition

Artificial Intelligence And Image Big Data In Neurology

Source: Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg Russia Says It Will Stop Selling Oil

Source: Electrek Crazy! 60mph, 13.3hp, 110lb, $4,000 Unicycle

Source: Canva Estes Park’s 8 Best Steaks

Deep Learning Framework For Artificial General Intelligence

U.C. Berkeley: Flu Masks Mandatory For Unvaccinated

Best Urban eBikes Under $1,000

Yes, We Inherit Memories Of Our Ancestors 7:03

Burry Puts It All On The Line – Market Crash Underway

Pill May Replace Insulin Injections

3AI – More On How Texas Beats Harvard

Cardo Poly-Pill Is Effective (2)

Here’s Exactly Why The U.S. Can’t Build Infrastructure (2nd)

Computable Artificial General Intelligence

Source: DW Poland Demands $1.3 Trillion War Reparations From Germany (dup)

“Home Assistant” Make HomeKit, Google, Alexa Work Together^

Fundamental Limits On Artificial General Intelligence

No, The Dems Won’t Hold The House

Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Is Failing (2)

Artificial General Intelligence The Democratic Way

Reasons Why Closed-Loop CASH™ Works (2)

DeepMind Used A Baby’s Mind As A Guide – Neural-convergence

Source: CNN La Jolla, SCA & West Hot, Really Hot For A Week Or More (3)

Robot Learns By Imagining Itself (2)

Source: Electrek $2,000 Small Pickup – $2,000 Small Pickup – Remember The 1955 BMW Isetta (2)

Insufficient Insulin Processing Leads To Obesity

Taiwan & China Close To Global War – U.S. Must Prepare 5:55

It’s Worth The Money To Pay For A Weight Loss Program

Source: Proteus Amazon’s Autonomous, Collaborative Robot Maps Your Home, Records You

Ukraine Surrounds Russian Troops Who May Surrender

New York Times Front Page

Source: University of Michigan Next-Gen Neural Probe Leads To Expanded Understanding Of The Brain

NATO’s First Existential Crack

Wall Street Journal Front Page

Why China’s Communist Party (CCP) Won’t Survive 10:58

Artificial Moral Cognition


UCSD Reinstates Guaranteed, On-campus, Under-market, 2 Year Undergrad Housing

Source: Brown University Brain Area Implicated In Alzheimer’s May Be Vulnerable To Degeneration

Source: DeepMind AI For Discovering Agents From Empirical Data

Google’s New “Human Level” Language Model

Source: Elements Visual Capitalist China Dominates The Solar Panel Supply Chain

NYT: AI Is Getting Really Good (nyt$)

AI Startups Losing VC Backing

Source: Suleiman Lab Pathways To Finding Treatments For Kidney Disease

MIT & Parker: AI Education Is Required To Lead The World In AI

Stressed Mitochondria Help Cells Survive Respiratory Infections

Neuroevolution Of Low-Level Artificial General Intelligence

Source: Time Chile’s New Leftist Leader Gabriel Boric

High Folic Acid Supplementation Associated With Higher Rates Of Covid

AGI vs. Industry 4.0

Snapchat Laying Off 20% Of All Workers, Go Snapp™

A Dataset For Neural Face Rendering

Who & How Many Americans Think Civil War Is Likely (2)

$200B Of $280B Federal Tech Funding Is “AI First” (nyt$)

Congress: UFOs Not Man Made

Will Lawyers Represent AIs?

Suffering After Covid Not Just In Your Head (nyt$)

UiPath Buys Re:infer For AI NLP Business Chat

Adderall “Prescriptions” For Mental Illness, Speed Kills (2)

Universal Hyperparameters For Machine Learning

Source: U.S. Army Microsoft Delivers First IVAS AR Goggles To U.S. Army

Proteins Malfunction In Parkinson’s Disease

Improve Fairness And Accuracy In A Machine Learning Model

Breakthrough Oral Insulin Tablet

Automated Machine Learning

Micron To Invest $15 Billion In New Idaho Fab

A NoCode™ AI Primer, Step 2

USB Standards Group Announces USB4 Ver. 2.0

A NoCode™ AI Primer, Step 1^

Source: Nature New Diagnostic Option For Rare Eye Disease

Microsoft Changes To European Cloud Licensing

Some AI Startups 2022

A NoCode™ AI Primer, Step 3 – Did The Machines Win?

GM Battery Plant Begins Production In Ohio

Source: Visual Capitalist REITs Do Well In High Inflation And Falling Equities, Individually Taxed – 16% Yields

Top AI Sites To Follow 2022

Columns™ Monthly – July 2022 Flipbook

Dataset Pruning Scales AI Training

Columns™ Monthly – June 2022 Flipbook

‘TriSegNet’ Triple-View AI Feature Learning For Medical Image

Columns™ 1Y Odds: 1 in 25 Putin Will Use Nukes

AI Natural Language Processing Goes Exponential, As Bill Gates Said It Would

Source: Bloomberg 2 Year Treasuries Heading To 4%

AI Automated Assessment Of Pathology Image Quality

New Bill, No Social Security Tax

AGI vs AI – The Difference Is Everything

College Scanned A Students Room, Got Sued And Lost

First Transformer-Based Framework For AI Hyperparameter Tuning

T-Mobile Will Connect To Starlink For Free Next Year^

Computable Artificial General Intelligence (AGi)

19 VC Insiders Discuss Valuations, Metrics And VC’s Near Future

Mapping The Landscape Of Human-Level AGI

The Brain & AI That Processes Language As People Do

Source: Visual Capitalist If You Want To Try Digital Currency, Just Go To The Caribbean

Nuclear Power, Be It Fission Or Fusion, Coming Back Big

8,500 Cyclists Protest Freeway

Europe Begins Energy Cuts You’ll Really Feel

It’s Trump vs Mitch

Joe Rogan & Zuckerberg 3-Hour Audio

China’s Heat Wave Reveals EV’s Unrecognized Weakness

Amazon Facing Unfavourable Regulatory Environment In India

Source: Insider AI, AVs, Automation Innovation For Healthcare and Transport – GigaFlex™

Source: Oxwash Oxwash Raises Series A Funding

Source: Visual Capitalist Wildfires – Be Prepared

Pay Off Your Loans By Writing A Book – I Did

Live Longer, Better With Strength & Cardio Training (nyt$)

VW Starts Self-Driving Production, Orders $4B Of Lidar From Israel

Warren Buffett Turns 92

Why Conservatives Are More Happy Than Liberals – Really

AI Businesses Boom With Military Contracts

Now SARS-CoV-2 Incubates Seasonally Like Flu

How DoD Buys Software & AI

Source: Christian Marquardt Tesla’s 20M EVs A Year By 2030 Will Cost Hundreds Of Billions

Senior Planning For Special Needs Children (nyt$)

Source: POSNOV U.S. Public Destinations As Good As National Parks, But Few People

Investors Up Bets Against Stock Market

Long Covid Is Responsible For One Third Of U.S. Unfilled Jobs

Personalized Products Can Be Sold Direct, But Most Should Be In Stores (nyt$) – SpeedO™

Long Covid In Children Less Common Than In Adults

Looks Like Austin Going To License Plate Readers Too, After Houston

Source: Neuroscience New Physics Theory Solves Consciousness

Protein ‘Traffic Jam’ In Neurons Linked To Neurodegeneration


U.S. COVID DEATHS 7D AVG: August 28 2022 - 478 August 28 2021 - 1,268

Computer Models Of Brain Cells

A Small LA Backyard Of 250 Fruit Trees

New Computational Model Proposed For Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: Nashville Govt. Nashville’s East Bank Cumberland River Redevelopment

The Single Best Food For Your Body & Gut

Warren: Inflation Swindles Everybody (Except Government)

Baylor: New Method For Millisecond, Single Cell Deep Brain Activity Imaging

Red Flag For Our Children – Not Enough Sleep Is Damaging

Twitter’s Open Source “Version” Is Bluesky (2)

How Snap Built A 347 Million Daily User Backend

Moderna Sues Pfizer Over Covid-19 Vax

AI Processes Brain Electrical Activity To Diagnose Depression

How Colleges May Play Student Loan Forgiveness

White House Pushes Journals To Drop Paywalls (nyt$)

Migraine With Aura (Weird Feeling) Identified As Independent Risk Factor

What Is Malt And Why It Tastes So Good 16:25

Zuckerberg Has Problems

Electric Zap Tricks Our Brains Into Reducing Salt Intake

Source: Simran Parwani/Axios Student Debt In Texas, And Austin By College

Twitter Ex-Security Chief Says Elon Right

How Environmental Laws Are Used To Stop Development And Why American Doesn’t Build More

AI Algorithm Can Detect Autism In Brain Fingerprints

An Impact Of Student Loan Forgiveness

Path To Developing Alzheimer’s Therapy

Russia Is Far Worse Off Than Putin Claims 18:50

AI Detects Epilepsy Abnormalities

AI Uses Voice Biomarkers To Predict Coronary Artery Disease

U.S. – China Relations Just Got Far Better – Really

Fetal Heart Disease Benefits From Explanatory AI

Source: Snapchat Snapchat Introduces Dual Camera Feature

Why Wind & Solar Cannot Replace Fossil Fuels – And Don’t Sideline Nuclear

Pubs Still Favored To Win Back House

DuckDuckGo Now Has Email Way Better Than Gmail

NASA’s Moon Rocket Launch Scrubbed, Fuel Leak

T-Mobile & SpaceX To Deliver Phone Service Everywhere In U.S.

Love Ford Or Chevy? These Models Going EV

Why Warren Is Buying Up OXY

Source: Radiological Society of North America AI Predicts Cancer Risk Of Lung Nodules

House Prices Continue Fall, Blackstone Stops Buying In 38 Regions

Use New U.S. Rebates & Credits To Improve Your Home – BJYS™

AI Tool May Help Predict Heart Attacks

Baker Hughes’ (BKR) Trouble Is Oil & Gas, Russia’s Trouble (3)

France Pays $4,000 To Trade Your Car For An eBike – SpeedO™

Ford Has Bad News For EV Buyers

Source: Lancet Respiratory Medicine Mechanism Behind Deadly Fungal Infection With Influenza

More On Why Amazon’s iRobot Is So Dangerous

Is Ford 38% Undervalued?

Treatment Opportunities For Rheumatoid Arthritis (2)

$15,000 Oregon EV Rebates, And Title Tax Advantages

Morningstar: Investors Shun Vanguard

Source: Johns Hopkins University

One Type Of Photovoltaic Greenhouse – CVA

AI Predicts If, And When, Someone Will Have Cardiac Arrest

ECG AI Predicts Undiagnosed Structural Heart Disease

Source: Nature Communications Natural Mechanism Causes 50-Fold Increase In T-Cell Activation Sensitivity

AI Enables Personalized Treatment Of Myocarditis

Tele-Health And AI Transition

Source: Guzman USDA & Solar Sheep, Cattle Farms – SUNz™ BJYEnergy™ L. Orr

Most Patients Have Positive Views About AI In Medicine

AI Predicts Antidepressant Outcomes In Youth

Zuckerberg: “Running Facebook Sucks”

The Right Way To Do 3 Vineyards In Tuscany, Napa, Russian River - Sonoma (2)

Source: AP UN Ukraine Nuclear Plant Inspection

AI And Drug Development

Improving AI In Health Care

Honda, LG To Build $4.4B U.S. EV Battery Plant

Source: Bob Sorokanich What It Means When This Falls Out On Your Rent-Car Floor

Artificial Intelligence Edges Closer To The Clinic

The Tragedy Of Polio’s Resurgence

AI Assistance For Anesthesiologists

1/3 FedEx Delivery Force In Relentless Margin Squeeze, May Collapse 4:31

AI In Pediatric Emergency Departments (2)

Source: TTD California Is Installing Solar Panels Over Its Canal System – SUNz™

300 Automatic License Plate Readers In Houston

Source: Orsted World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm To Go Online

Early Detection Of Gut Cancer Is Key 6:42

The Novavax Covid-19 Vaccine

NetDragon Appoints First Virtual CEO

Source: DeepMind DeepMind AI Has Predicted Almost Every Protein Medically Known (3)

Source: ElectricBike Model F, It Folds

AI Holography Checks Blood Without Needles

Source: MIT

Improving Memory, In An Instant

AI + ECG Accurately Predict Diabetes

Mpox Vax Somewhat Ineffective

AI Advances Knowledge Of Type 1 Diabetes

The Southwest Drys Up – In Aerial Photos – LakeTX™

AI Super-Resolution Localization Photoacoustic Imaging Of Blood Vessels

Anti-Vax Groups Move From Facebook To Twitter

AI-Based Web Tool To Predict Oral Cancer Risk

Source: Axios Renewable Energy Is Surging

How NOAA Collects Its Data For Weather Forecasts

Crazy Dallas Flood, “Once In 1,000 Years” 8:03

Poor Heart Health Predicts Premature Brain Ageing

Source: Colorado Sun The Leadville CO Story – Fast, Massive Change

Source: Eindhoven University of Technology AI Could Save Radiation Therapists And Radiation Oncologists

Source: Visual Capitalist The House Price To Inflation Correlation

Through Oct 22 You Can Buy I-Bonds Paying 9.62%

AI Integrates Multiple Data Types To Predict Cancer


AI May Improve Colon Cancer Screening


Source: Communications Medicine Dental Biorhythm Is Associated With Adolescent Weight Gain^

Don’t Get Caught In The Bear Trap Rally

Source: Paks II Russia To Build Two Nuclear Reactors In Hungary

10 Kickstarters You Can Preorder Now – SPF609

Remote Work Increases Diversity – Jamie Dimon Got It Wrong This Time

Fed: Interest Rates Will Aggressively Continue To Increase

Dow Closes Down 1000, Nasdaq Down 3.9%

Putin’s Replacement 137,000 Conscripts

Biden’s Student Plan: Forgive $20,000

Surprise! Elon Cuts Starlink Prices In Half For Europe, Some Of U.S.

CA Bans New Gas Vehicles By 2035, Other States Will Follow

Source: Waymo Waymo To Test Autonomous Cascadia Semi On Public Roadways

How To Avoid Texting Scams & Thefts (2 clicks)

Anyscale Raises $99m To Build Out Its Distributed AI Computing Platform

Regal, World’s Second Largest Theater Chain Prepares For Bankruptcy

Source: NIH Hepatitis C Drugs May Reduce PTSD Symptoms

Why Indians Like Putin, Why The U.S. Overlooks It (dup)

Electrical Currents To The Brain Improve Memory For Older Adults

Across America Electric Bills Become Unaffordable – SUNz™

Source: NYU’s Center for Data Science Radiologists vs AI – Differences In Breast-Cancer Screenings

Source: Ryse Aero Technologies Ryse eVTOL First Manned Flight

AI Predicts Colorectal Cancer Risk In Younger Adults

AI Identifies Cancer Cells

Source: U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Denied Solomons Island Port Access As China Expands (2)

CNN Moving Centrist To Build Audience

Source: EMBO Journal Roles Of Dementia Proteins In Normal Memory

USDA Taking Apps For $100 Million Of Biofuel Grants – BJYAg™

Source: Okayama University AI For The Accurate Diagnosis Of Neoplasia

Sonoma & Napa City Jurisdictions Ban New Gas & Diesel Stations

A Step Toward Local Long Covid Diagnostics

Source: Drudge USC Fraternities Break Away, Set Own Rules – What National Frats Fear Most

Warren Buffett Backs Driverless Trucks

Source: La Jolla & SCA 13 Best Neighborhoods

Source: The Verge Tesla Semi New Specs Look Like A Home Run 10:39

Source: WaterRower A Rowing Machine That Makes Sense (2)

Work From Home, Take A Pay Cut

U.S. Takes Lead In Hypersonic Missiles 13:43


Source: Radiological Society of North America AI’s Accurate Breast Density Classifications

Putin’s Other Nuclear Action He’s Taken – Worst Case

Home Prices Decline Most Since 2011

Source: Dodge Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV, 800v Quick & Fast (2)

Russians Began To Debate The War

AI Predicts Ideal Patients For Spinal Cord Stimulation

Japan May Deploy 1,000 Cruise Missiles To Deter China

AI Predicts Bone Fractures In Cancer Patients

Russia Holding War Games In Venezuela (World’s Largest Oil Reserves)

Zuckerberg Doesn’t Get How Bad His Metaverse Is


Source: Mishra et al Neuron Formation Restores Memory In Mice With Alzheimer’s Disease

Twitter Is Riddled With Insecurities, And Gross Negligence

Australian Banks End Loans For Gas, Diesel Cars – So EVs Only

Source: Arnd Kleyer and Lukas Folle AI Neural Network Learns To Differentiate Between Healthy And Inflamed Bones

Twitter Hit With Another Content Lawsuit (Fully Policing Social Media Content Is Impossible – Ed.)

Source: WSJ Why Local Govt Hiring Trails Company Hiring (w audio)(wsj$)

AI Monitors And Manages Covid

UC San Diego 5th Best World Public University

AI IDs Covid Patients At Greatest Risk Of Death

Source: NOAA

Yes, Yellen Did Instruct The IRS To Audit Only Over $400,000 Income – We’ll See

Texas Drought Relief From Tropical Storm

If You’reScared To Invest, Warren’s Best Advice, And Why^

Source: Michael Mariant /AP CA’s Diablo Canyon Nuke Power Plant (9% CA’s Power) Extension (2)

Source: Ryuji Kato AI Analyzes Neuron Changes To Detect Whether Drugs Are Effective

Source: CDC Brain Amoeba Kills Child After River Swim

Intel, Brookfield To Invest For Chips Up To $30 Billion In Arizona

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune Everywhere The California Coast Is Collapsing Into The Pacific

Google Wallet Now Available In 6 New Countries For A Total Of 45 – CASH Ww™

Warren Recently Bought These 10 Stocks

Hedge Funds Buy Up The Cash Washes (w audio)

Source: Tosei General Hospital AI Performance Analyzing Lung Disease

Source: DHS One Fentanyl Drug Bust, Enough To Kill Every American

Mental Illness Indicators Caught By Advanced AI In Brain Imaging

100 Year Old Tuberculosis Vax Is Covid Effective

AI Saves One Hour Of Daily Chest CT Interpretation (red)

Source: Ford Ford Cutting 3,000 More Jobs

Accurate Diagnosis Of Brain Tumors Using AI

Telegram Founder Explores NFT-based Auctions (NFTs Are Foolish – Ed.)

Source: Bloomberg New Control Algorithm For Wind Farms

AI May Help Spot Relapse Risk In Alcoholics

E Bonds vs I Bonds^

New AI Screening Tool For Suicidal Risk

Yale & Princeton Join The Market Bears

Manufacturers’ “Bricking” Their Inkjet Printers

Tencent, China’s Facebook, Revenue Drops First Time Ever

Source: Boom Supersonic

Source: Pixabay

Warren Or Soros Long Apple, Ally & Amazon

American Airlines Orders 20 + 40 Supersonic Planes

5.5 Million U.S. Adults Use Hallucinogens

Warren (BRK-A) Buys AAPL, CVX, Sells GM, VZ

Rise Of Bed-Bath-and-Beyond, Now On Brink Of Bankruptcy

JAMA: Covid Increases Risk Of Life- Threatening Blood Clots

Colombia, A U.S. Ally, Launching Digital Currency, Venezuela’s Next Door

Fauci Quits

Modular Cognition

A Credible Summary – How The New Tax Law Affects You And The IRS

Source: Unsplash AI Diagnoses Mild Cognitive Impairment That Progresses To Alzheimer’s

MIT: Fusion Power Will Be Sooner And Smaller 1:38:48 – HYNUS™, Gennady Shvets, PhD, UT & Cornell

Biden Approves Largest Oil & Gas Lease Sale In U.S. History

Source: Amo et al New Link Between Dopamine-Based Reward Learning And Machine Learning (2)

Source: Martin Pitman/LinkedIn Fake Microsoft Office USB Memory Contain Ransomware

Ukraine Special Forces Continue Sebastopol & Russian Navy Strikes 3:59

Columbia Considers Decriminalizing Cocaine

Source: National Cancer Institute Melanoma Thickness Equally Hard For AI, Algorithms And Dermatologists To Judge

Mary Barra Still Says GM Will Sell More EVs Than Tesla In 2025 13:14

AI Predicts Patient Deterioration

AI Helps Assess Psoriasis Severity

Source: Sandia National Laboratories Reinventing Offshore Wind Turbines

OpenAI’s DALE-E For Artists, Developers, Publishers

Source: Bloomberg China Ups Russian Energy Spend To $35 Billion

Source: The Hill Texas Cattle Ranchers Face Existential Drought

AI Helps Writers Write

MIT: How Our Neurons Communicate

AI Brain Imaging Shows Dynamic Mental Illness

Deep Learning Predicts Glaucoma Vision

Source: Xiaomi Xiaomi Beats Tesla To First Robot

AI App More Accurate Than Patient Evaluation Of Stool Samples

Inda, Castes, Big Tech, And Discrimination

Source: NBC World’s Largest Moth Now In U.S., Note The Snakeheads

Target Earnings Plunge 90%

Why TikTok & Social Media Are No Longer Fun – Snapp™

Sync Computing Raises $15.5M In Series A Funding

Source: Dr. Sriram Subramaniam, UBC “Weak Spot” Of Major Covid Variants

Source: Institute For Protein Design Biologists Train AI To Generate Medicines And Vaccines

Jury Holds CVS, Walgreens & Walmart $650 Million Liable For Opioids


Pathetic Reason Insulin Is 8X More Expensive In U.S. (wsj$)

Michael & Susan Dell: (2)

Source: Joby Aviation U.S. Military High Interest In VTOL Taxis

14 Restaurants in The Woodlands

Charles E. Butt:

Source: StackCommerce HD Dual-Cam Mini Drone – $ $74.99

La Jolla Scripps Researchers Find New SARS Antibodies


New Tesla “FSD” – $15k Price Hike


50 Years Ago America Flew 24 To The Moon, 12 Landed, All 24 Lived


Non-Profit Donor Fundraising (It’s 80% Individuals)

Source: Science Focus United Airlines Orders 100 Air Taxis

How Immune Cells Overcome Exhaustion

Non-Profit Operating Revenue (It’s 80% Govt & Fees For Services)

Warren’s Big Apple Buy, Dumps, Verizon

Latest On The Tesla Semi 12:51

Never Submit A Cold Grant – First The Program Officer (2)

Laura and John Arnold: The Cullen family: (2) Gary & Silva Crum: (2) (3) (4)

Snapchat’s Paid Subscription A Hit, May Be A Big Hit – SnApp™


The Hobby family:

Nancy and Rich Kinder:

Jan Duncan:

Phoebe & Bobby Tudor: (2)

The Mithoff family:

Source: FT Sell Tech, Buy Potatoes!

The Ansary family:

Source: Reuters Russia Uses Nuke Power Plant As Fort, Says Three Countries In Nuclear Danger

The Chao family:

The Moody family:

Source: UNC School Of Medicine New Map Of The Developing Cerebral Cortex

Mindy and Jeffrey Hildebrand:

Lester and Sue Smith:

Source: Tesla Tesla Has 7th Largest GPU Supercomputer In The World

Cherie and Jim Flores:

Source: Sadalmelik Is Cuba Is Ready For Change?

Tilman and Paige Fertitta:

The Sakowitz and Wyatt families:

The Cockrell family:

Kathrine (John) McGovern:

The Herzstein Family:

Source: CATL China’s CATL To New Battery Plant – Hungary + China An EU Problem

AI Speeds Sepsis Detection, Prevents Deaths

Source: Tracey Adams California (& Germany) Stay With Nuclear Power

Suicide Prediction Method Combines AI And Face-To-Face Screening

Source: ZeroHedge Horrific EU Heat, Germany’s Rhine River Dries Up, Stops Shipping

AI In Biotech, Medical & Healthcare Advancing Very Fast, Doctors & Industries Upended

Paris Floods 3:15

AI & Stem Cells Predict Cardiac Arrhythmias

Paris Flooding Report

Downtown Las Vegas Floods 0:32

Las Vegas Flood Report

Corpus Christi Floods 5:29

Corpus Christi Flood Report

German Rivers Dry Up (2)

Source: NYT Watered Lush Lawns Are A Dying Idea (nyt$)

U.S. May Not Be Able To Avoid Catastrophic S.W. Water Collapse

Source: MURA dataset Some Radiographers “Unsure” Of AI Interpreting X-Rays

Source: San Diego’s Uprise Energy 100KW 20’ Trailer, Pick-Up Towed Wind Power Station – BJYEnergy’s Feather™ (2)

Source: Google What Germany’s Doing For Heat This Winter

CDC Fully Admits Botched Pandemic Response (nyt$)

Source: KIST Quick And Accurate Diagnosis With Artificial Tactile Neurons

…More From Harvard

Source: Hyundai A Genesis EV

Are Tesla Semis Really 6 Times Less Cost To Operate Than Diesels?

Source: NASA U.S. Artemis Moon Rocket On Launch Pad

Withholding The Search Warrant Affidavit Is Political Trickery

Source: WP One Third Of All Healthcare Costs Is Bureaucracy

Source: University Of Hong Kong AI-Designed Single Molar Dental Prostheses

State DMVs Begin To Shut Down Tesla “Full Self Driving”

…Or Is It Two Thirds Of All Healthcare Costs

Source: Pew Teens Totally Ditched Facebook, Use Insta Some, LOVE Snapchat (TikTok is Goofy, Not Safe) (2) - SnApp™


Bot Dog Learns How To Walk

The New Peptide Alzheimer’s Nasal


Spray (2)

You Gotta See This Bot Dog Learn How To Walk 1:40

Ford’s 1.7 Million Car Brake Hose Failure Recall (2)

Fitch: Worst Case Home Prices Drop 15%

…And The Supporting Research Paper

Is NextEra Energy (NEE) A 25-Year Stock?

The 1st Answer To What’s Happened To U.S. Labor 18:12

How The Brain Keeps The Urge To Act In Check

China & Russia Joint Military Exercises & Coordination

One View Tesla “Full Self-Driving” In Trouble, Possible Huge Defeat 31:20

Source: NIAID America’s 100 Day Failure To Stop Mpox – 2nd Big Lesson (wp$)

Diane Francis, One Smart Gal, On Putin, Ukraine, Russia’s Collapse, and China’s Military Build Is vs Russia Not U.S. 23:24

Source: Mint Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, ‘India’s Warren Buffet’, Dies

Source: Ivan Gromicho AI Helps Diagnose Post-Covid Lung Problems

Taiwan & U.S. Begin Formal Trade Talks

AI Is Becoming Part Of Us

Best Use Of “Edge” Computing, Wherever They Are

Dem’s Min Tax To Hit Real Estate & Mining Hard

Science Education Will Change

OMB: Don’t Be Fooled, Dem’s $80B For IRS Enforcement Will Hit Middle Class Hard

Spotting Parkinson’s Disease Through AI

Source: Wiki Commons Scientists Bringing Extinct Tasmanian Tiger Back

Capuchin Monkey Calls 911, Responders Go To Zoo

Feds Cut Colorado River Allocation To Arizona

MIT Chinese Prof Cleared For Spying Discovers Best Chip Material

Source: CleanTechnicha Australia’s Record Wind Gust Blows You Away

Chevy Bolt EV Bolt Plant Shut “Due To Murder”

Caterpillar HQ Moving To TX, Boeing To VA, Citadel To FL, All From IL 7:15

Source: Nagoya City University Automating Renal Access In Kidney Stone Surgery Using AI

What Americans Really Think

Iran Set To Boost Oil Exports In August

Source: Communications Biology New Gene Protects Against Coronary Heart Disease

Source: LLL

Fusion Ignition Confirmed At National Ignition Facility (2)

Best Dishwashers: Bosch, KitchenAid, Samsung (2)

China Does Cow Chips, Not Apple, Google, Intel Or Samsung Chips

Source: Medium AI Quantifies Human Consciousness

Source: Wilshire Trust Endowments Did Well, Now Universities & Colleges Scrambling For Capital & Yield

AI Is Shaking Up The Workplace

AI Is Becoming Part Of Us

Source: Communications Biology Microglia Cells Colonize The Human Brain In Waves

LLMs – Massive Neural Nets Learn From Free Text – Books, Wiki, Reddit, etc.

Source: Geek+ Geek+ Robot Warehouse Workers

Source: Bloomberg Why Is The U.S. Press Not Reporting Unemployment?

Encrypting Facebook Messenger, Insta Details – SnApp™

Source: Optica AI-Based Image Analysis Detects Serious Heart Condition

AI Detects Autism Speech Patterns Across Different Languages

Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Covid Infecting Astrocyte Cells In The Brain

Early Prediction Of Diabetes Using AI

Model Predicts New Covid Variant Characteristics

AI Diagnoses Birth Defect In Fetal Ultrasound Images

Source: Xiaomi Xiaomi’s CyberOne Is A Humanoid Robot With A Weird Walk

Source: Lola Can Lola’s Return To Racing Succeed?

A Robot Learns To Imagine Itself

Nobody Ever Won Betting Against America, Won’t Now 27:13

Source: NYT Detail Of The Energy, Climate & Health Bill (nyt$)

Source: Rice University

Source: Brian Heater

Samsung’s Folding Phones – A Clue To Future iPhones

S.W. U.S. In 22nd Year Of Worst Drought In 1,200 Years

Wireless Activation Of Targeted Brain Circuits In Less Than One Second

Micron To Invest $40B In Memory Chip Plants – KWed^

U.S. Ups $500 Billion A Year For Pharmaceuticals, New Drugs $200,000 Per Patient

Artificial Intelligence In Dentistry

Artificial Intelligence In Drug Design

40 Million Depend On Colorado River Water – How Life Will Change


Teaching AI To Ask Clinical Questions

Will GM Make The EV Transition Without Bankruptcy?

Meta Open Sources 200 Language AI Translator

Source: HUM New Jailbreak For John Deeres & Right To Repair

How Long To Understand Long Covid?

GM & Toyota Losing In EVs, Jury’s Out On Ford, Tesla’s Winning, Wall St. Wants You To Trade Stocks 19:12

American & Jetblue Austin Route Suspensions

Elon Teases His Social Media Site – SnApp™

Snapchat Lets Parents See Who Teens Message

Source: Siemens AI In Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging

Source: Reuters – Europe Continues To Burn –

7 Value Stocks To Evaluate^^

…And 7 More Value Stocks Again

Table Grapes May Extend Life, Aid Gut (2)

Spiking Neural Networks With Solid Biological Plausibility

4 Monthly Dividend REITs

BLOOM: Inside The Radical New Project To Democratize AI

Peptide Delivered By Nasal Spray Can Protect Neurons In Alzheimer’s^

Wiz Security See $1B Revenue In 18 Months (2)

…More On 4 AI Trends – It’s Scale

Microsoft Rolls Back Update – Office 365 Crashes

Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Medicine

New Google Home App Looking For Testers

Source: Visual Capitalist America The Fortunate

Source: Pixabay Calorie Reduction Lowers Protein Linked To The Aging Process^

Meth Use Drives Overdose Epidemic In Rural U.S. Communities

Source: SpaceX SpaceX Starship Super-Heavy Booster Test Fire Success

Source: SVG ID: 15804 Russia Attempts To Export “Superior High Precision” Weapons

Source: Caltech Wearable Detects More Compounds In Human Sweat U.S. DAILY COVID DEATHS, 7D AVG: Aug 15 2022 - 484 Aug 15 2021 - 662 AUSTIN COVID DEATH RATE ~ 1 in 10,000,000 U.S. COVID DEATH RATE ~ 1 in 1,000,000

Source: Wired Swift™’s Energy Source

Don’t Miss Tulsi Gabbard

Source: Bacancy AI-Chatbots Meaningfully Promote Health-Lifestyle Changes

Own A Small Business? An IRS Must- Watch 4:27^

CHIPS Act To Out-Compete China – $50B For Chips, $200+ Billion For AI, Innovation, Science

Meta Made Fact-Checking AI To Help Verify Wikipedia Citations (dup)

Hearing Aids To Be Sold Over The Counter (Apple et al), No Rx (nyt$)

China’s TikTok Promotes Russian Propaganda

MIT: U.S. & NATO AI Scaleups & AI Military Budgets Will Balloon – BJYFederal™, YLabs™

Many Will Be Broke Or Cold This Winter

Energy Bill Means 30%, Plus $7,500 POS, Credits – SUNz™ (nyt$)

Giuliani Is Target Of Georgia Investigation

Improving AI Solutions For Medical Diagnosis

5G Is Not Secure

SEN. Graham Ordered To Testify In Georgia Investigation

Wall St. To Allow Investors To Dispose Of Toxic Russian Debt

Breakthrough Individualized Cellares Blood Cancer Therapies – BJYMed™ , JohnsonTherapies™

Kitco: Gold $$1,650 By Yearend

Source: Google Google Android Watches Give Apple A Run For Their Money

Source: Arxiv AI VR Poses From Humans

CEOs – Do Your Own Fundraising

AI Algorithm Writes Academic Article About Itself

Is Warren’s OXY A Buy Or Sell Today?

Annual Rents Ballistic Increase, Don’t Expect Old Rents (2)

Ford’s Massive Lightning Price Hikes Based On False LFP Battery Cost Claim (2)

An Argument We Are Not Living In A Simulation

AI2’s Prior Team Introduces Unified-IO

FCC Rejects Elon’s $1B Starlink Rural Bid – A Political Fraud On Americans? (op) 0:31

Deep Neural Networks For Medical Image Segmentation

NASDAQ Up 20% From Low

Deep Hybrid Models For Out-Of- Distribution Detection

Source: Reuters Lowest Home Buyer Confidence Since 2011

The Argument We’re Living In A Simulation

Source: Dana-Farber Alternate To Bone Marrow Transplants (2)

$6B Battery Plan Of NorVolt, Europe’s Largest Battery Maker

New U.S. Export Controls On Advanced Chip Technologies

EVs And FEMA Evacuations Won’t Do Well Together

Google Fiber Resumes Expansion In AZ, CO, NE, NV, ID

Source: Stanford Stanford’s Latest AI (“Fake”) Face Generator, EG3D

Tesla Teases New Energy Products For This Year

Future AI Unveils Sallie – “Software That Thinks”

Spotify’s New Home Feed

AI Artificial Intelligence vs ML Machine Learning

AI Application To Fetal Brain MRI

Source: Reuters China’s Non-Stop Military Drills Around Taiwan

Source: Rajat Mittal Body Posture Affects How Oral Drugs Absorbed

X-Risk Analysis For AI Research

Facebook Gives Police Data To Prosecute Teen For Abortion

MIT: A Single Memory Is Stored Across Many Connected Brain Regions

Daily Multivitamins May Be An Unnecessary Habit

Almost Free Solar For Low Income In San Diego

Applied AI Is Boosting Crop Yields – BJYAg™

Circadian Clocks Key Role In Hyperinsulinemia & Fat Cell Growth

The Best Bluetooth Trackers

Applied AI Learns Chemistry

43 States Allow Virtual Closings

Horrific Gang Wars Rage In Guadalajara, Juarez, Irapuato, Celaya, Leon and Western Mexico

The Path Towards Autonomous Machine Intelligence

Micron To Invest $40 Billion In Chip Manufacturing – BJYEngineering™

Deep Neural Networks And Image Classification In Biological Vision

Lilly And Novo Nordisk Weight Loss Meds Really Work

Predictive Coding For Deep Neural Networks

Vitamin D Appears To Reduce Depression

Evusheld Antibodies Ruled Out For Most Vulnerable

Tinnitus May Finally Have A Cure

Major Contributor To Alzheimer’s Discovered (dup)

Source: NVIDIA NVIDIA Expands Omniverse Platform (vs Facebook’s Metaverse)

Source: Varsha Sreenivasan & Devarajan Sridharan GPUs Discover Human Brain Connectivity

FTC Knocks iBuyer OpenDoor To The Ground 10:00

Source: BMJ Open New Insights On Childhood Glaucoma

…More On Amazon Mapping Your Home & You

Medicine For Asthma And Eczema May Help Covid Patients

Amazon’s Alexa Will Include Your Parents & Grandparents Who’ve Passed

Source: Visual Capitalist Luxury Auto Brand Loyalty Is Dying

Hydrogen Semi-Trucks May Win Over Battery Semis

$80 Billion For More IRS Audits A Question

SEN. Warren Wants IRS To Collect Your Tax Info, Do Your Return, Be H&R Block

Source: Arxiv Explaining Deep Neural Networks With Explanation Supervision


Labor Shortage & Workforce Decline – America’s Great Challenge –™

Source: Hyundai 27 Hyundai Hydrogen Semi-Trucks To Germany & Europe

MIT: LaCun On 3 AI Paths To AGI (2)

Source: Rachel Kratofil New Approach To Healing Skin Infections And Wounds (2)

Newsom’s $8B (Only) Plan For CA Water

Y Combinator Shrinks Size 40% To 250 Startups

4 Major AI Research Trends

The Pig Market Collapsed, Beef Is Next 7:02

WSJ: AI Hype Not Always Fact

Ford’s LFP Batteries, Last Far Longer, Don’t Catch Fire, and Cost Half 8:30

How Thinking Hard Makes The Brain Tired

Farmer’s Almanac: Significant Texas Ice & Snows This Winter (2)

AI Training Time Decreasing Exponentially

Ford LFP Battery F-150 Lightning In 2024, Mach-E 2023

Polio Spreads, A Million London Children Offered Polio Vax (2)

AI Discovers New Family Of Genes In Gut Bacteria (2)

5 Jobs Offering Hefty Signing Bonuses, One $75,000 –

Ford’s (NYSE:F) Upcoming Dividend

Why I Thought Ford Would Double, And It’s Doing It

China Sinks Deeper Into Real Estate & Bank Cowpatty (2, 1 2:25)

AI Automated Diagnosis Of Neurological Disorders

At Ford, Quality Is Problem 1

6 USC Frats Disassociate Upon New Party Rules (2)

Artificial Intelligence In Neuro- Ophthalmology

Ping Identity (Enterprise) Sell For $2.8B Cash – 1B3Q

Artificial Intelligence In Paediatric Neuroradiology

Canadian Home Prices Set To Plunge 25%

Microsoft Lets You See What A Hacker Sees

Source: SciePro More Intense Exercise, More Brain Growth (2)

What A Start Engine AI Money Raise Looks Like

Porsche EV & Reputation Damaged, All LG EV Batteries Catch Fire 10:29

BEO – Being Extremely Online Not Just For Loaners

Google AI: Fluent Speech Is Not Fluent Thought

Gang War And Death In Juarez & Baja

New Antibody Neutralizes All Known Covid Variants

How The Internet Has Changed in 20 Years^^

Reasons Austin Will Become Less Affordable

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare And Medical Imaging

MS Is Damaged Myelin Nerve Sheaths – Interferon Beta Drugs

Austin ISD To Provide Free Breakfast & Lunch At 76 Schools For All Students

Las Vegas Casinos Flash Flooded

China Falters Cuts Rates, Withdraws Cash, Oil Falls (2)

6 Fruits That Reduce Inflammation, Aging

Heat Caused Texas Grapes To All Ripen At Once

Puerto Rico Is A Mess Not Easy To Fix

Source: Intel Intel Launches ARC Pro GPUs For PCs

Early MS Diagnosis And Exercise Training

Instagram Tests 9:16 Portrait Images

Source: Pubs AI Diagnostic Performance For Fractures On Radiographs.

Brain’s Cleaning Crew Mops Up Alzheimer’s Disease

Amazon Mapping Your Home Interior, Buys Roomba

“Addictive Personality” Is Real – Here’s Why

AI – Preparing For Radiology’s Future

Robinhood Slammed By Crypto Enforcement

Source: The Hustle German Court Allows Advertising Tesla Autopilot

At What Price & PE, If Any, Is Meta A Buy?

What Does Meta Want To Sell Bond Debt Now?

U.S. 500,000 EV Charging Network Takes Shape – Sprite™ InLineAI™ BJYFederal™


Source: NYT

Gas Is Cheaper But Groceries Are Not


Diet Affects Memory & Aging

Brain Imaging Predicts Learning Better Than Tests – MW^

New Langya Virus Infects In East China

Source: Regent Craft Electric Planes Could Soon Serve Hawaii

Unhealthy Cholesterol Linked To Long Covid

Source: IndiaToday Sri Lanka Allows Chinese ‘Spy’ Ship To Dock

A Major Contributor To Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: Vanderbilt Vanderbilt’s Richard Sando & Synaptic Brain Wiring, Rewiring During Lifetime

Image-Guided Partial Nephrectomy

Vanderbilt Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment & Management.

Source: Fortune Meta, Facebook, Insta And Zuck In Real Trouble

Source: Royalton West Side Houston Luxury Condos Evacuated Long Term (2)

Vanderbilt – Challenges Facing Digital Healthcare

Source: University of Leeds Vegetarian Women Are At A Higher Risk Of Hip Fracture

Meta Sued For Giving Hospitals A Tool, Then Collecting Personal Medical Data

Self-Supervised Learning Techniques For Neuroimaging Data

Neighbors Buy Up Homes To Protect Neighborhoods^

Scripts Hospital La Jolla Becomes Level 1 Trauma Center

Toyota – Panasonic Battery JV To Mine Lithium In Nevada

FBI Mar-a-Lago Trump Search Was For Nuclear & Top Secret Docs

Urgent Polio Boosters For London Children

How To Maximize You Limit With Each Credit Card Issuer

Ex CIA & NSA Director: Nuke Leakers Should Be Executed

Single Clinical Test Provides More Answers About Covid

Zuckerberg Top Execs Desert, Walls Crumbling.

The Mar-a-Lago Secrets (op)

Source: Bair FIGS (Fast Interpretable Greedy-Tree Sums) For ML Decision Trees

Apple Replaces The iPhone With … (econ$)

RTD Boulder, CO A Park-n-Ride Risk

Testosterone Also Promotes Cuddling

Twitter’s Unsolvable Problems.

Models Of Fetal Brain To Postnatal Cortex Folding

Metaverse Drops Into The Deep Freeze

Larry Summers Right Again: Hard Recession, Millions Laid Off

Robinhood Lays Off Quarter Of Staff

Greece Rolls Out Their Digital Wallet

AGI’s Lethalities – Eliezer Yudkowsky

Predictability Of Recommender Systems

Source: Toyota Toyota Won’t Build An Electric Tundra

Source: DALL-E How Imagen Actually Works

Source: SeekingAlpha AMD Follows Intel Warning PC Market In Decline

Kitco False Claim: USD Dying As Dominant Global Currency – GGG™

Source: Pixabay Dementia Risk If An Upper Heart Chamber Is Abnormal

Where Alexa Is Headed

Dietary Salt Substitutes Lower Risk Of Heart Attack

Source: MPI Special Interneuron Networks In The Human Brain

Source: StudyFinds Family Meals Are Important, Real Important^

A New ML Model For Video-Language Analysis

AI Researchers Propose Neural Diffusion Processes

Source: Xiaomi Xiaomi’s Mijia Smart Glasses

AI Chip That Comprises Sensing And Processing Elements

Elon Reports Commodity Prices Moving Down For Tesla

CASH.AI™ Does Daily Statements, Flags Excess Spending

Big Tech Just Told Us How Deep Economic Upheaval Is

Is Google’s Chatbot Self-Aware?

Source: Reuters U.N. Alarm: Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant Shelled Again

AI Is Changing Humans, Most Don’t See It

EV Tax Credits Likely Return, Up To $40,000 eTruck Credit

Source: CPSDA An Hour Or Two Workout Can Lighten Kidney Load

Gates: AI Compute Power Doubles Every 3½ Months (‘20)

Facebook & Zuckerberg A World Disaster (op)(nyt$)

Sodium, Salt Intake & Kidney Health, Keep Under 2.3g Day

FTC Sues Facebook (Meta) To Stop Multiverse (nyt$)

(Cycling and) Nature Affect Well-Being In Many Ways

Gates: “AI Will Be Worth 10 Microsofts” (‘19)

Investors Exit Emerging Markets

Israelie Startup Copies You Into An Embryo For Organ Harvesting

Stephen Hawking’s AGI Warning

Real Reason Mortgage Rates Dropping

A Primer For Getting Started With AI & Machine Learning


SEC vs Ripple Nears End, Why It Matters For Crypto

Source: PM LUXURY HOMES 160 Acre California Pacific Estate – $22M

Novavax 90% Effective, No Side Effects, Omicron Efficacy Being Studied^ (2)

AI Enterprise Management Using Deep Learning

Solana Crypto Wallets Drained (2)

Will Neuroscience Shape The Metaverse?

Heavy Sweating Exercise Increases Serum Uric Acid?

Brain Applies ‘Data Compression’ When Making Decisions (2)

San Diego High Covid Risk Now

…But Hospitalizations Decline

Why Mpox Is A World Threat 5:24

Source: Breeze Breeze Airlines – Low Prices & Flexible (2)

Extending The Shelf Life Of Vaccines

Source: SEO Shopify Fires 10 Percent Of Its Workforce Via Email

Source: Google – Google’s PaLM: Translates Code, Summarizes Text, Does Legal Briefs And Chains-Of-Thought; But It’s Not Conscious –

China’s New Battlefield Rockets vs U.S. HIMARS & HARMs

U.S. To Block China’s Access To Advanced Chip Design

Sell My House Now Before The Crash, Or Wait Years

Artificial And Biological Neural Networks Underlying Sensorimotor Integration

So You Think AI Isn’t Spooky

Jarad Mauch’s Own Internet Gets $2.6M To Add 600 Homes – BJY-MDD (2)

Neural Networks With Connection Laplacians

UK: Russia “Unlikely” To Win In Ukraine

Training Data From Trained Neural Networks

Again, Homebuilders Got Greedy, Get Knocked Down

Source: PET Scan Molecular Machinery Predisposes To Alzheimer's Disease (2)

Creating True AI And The Singularity (2:05:04)

Source: GM Chevy Bolt – Best EV Value, Plus $7,500 Credit

VC’s Bank Balances Climb^

Your Brain, The Bigger Picture, And MRI

Artificially Intelligent Systems & AGI

Get 9.2% U.S. Treasury I-Bonds, Run Don’t Walk^^

NY Polio Suggests Community Spread

The Rise, Fall, Stock Crash & Lessons of Snapchat^ 12:23

FBI’s Nuclear Doc Search At Trump’s Home

NLP Natural Language Processing Challenges

U.S. Declares Mpox Public Health Emergency

U.S. & Japan Joint Chip Plan

List Of Lawsuits Against Trump

AI “Now-Casting” Economic Uncertainty By Houston’s Complete Intelligence

CVS Beats Earnings, Ups 2022 Forecast 2:05

La Jolla Cove From Pier Swim Reopens After 2 Years

U.S. Gas, World Food Prices Falling

CVS Primary Care Medical Services This Year

NYT Wanted Schumer’s OK To Run GOP Op- Ed

Bill Details: F-150L & Tesla $7,500 Federal Point Of Sales Credit, All EV Tax Credits

Adderall Becomes A Street Drug

FTC Expands Online Privacy Protections

Avg Startup Seed Round Now $12M Up From $9M

UCSD’s ALS Gene Therapy

Source: Frontiers Bayesian Learning Method With Temporal Correlation

Wildfire Season Is Now All Year

French Say Coastal Russian River CA Vineyard Solid Investment

GPU Computing Engine Of The Neuron Simulator

Don’t Miss West Colorado

Speech Processing In The Brain With Self-Supervised Learning

Users Don’t Like Insta And Facebook Changes 7:59^

Source: Raquel Natalicchio/CalMatters UC’s Record Number Of First-Year CA Students

AI “Red” Teams

Forbes: Time To Delete Your Facebook Account 15:07

Text-To-Image AI Struggled With Self- Portrait

Source: Science Solved: Juvenile Hepatitis Caused By Dual Viral Infections

A Literature Review Of Non-Compressor A/C And Heat Pumps - BJYmep™ (2)

Volcano Erupts Near Iceland’s Capital Reykjavik

Bill Gates Funds Non-Compressor Absorption A/C Startup $25M

Microwaving Reduces Purines

Apple’s 2Q22 Profit Declines 11%

Source: Yahoo Finance Gas Prices Tumble Below $4

Tijuana Tar Balls Headed North To La Jolla & Beaches, Again

Car Makers (Wrongly) Claim Recession- Proof

Source: Hindawi Deep Learning And Symmetric Difference Algorithms

So Brains Change After Midnight

Battery Streak’s New Car Battery Tech

Yes, Again, A Pathogen Goes Exponential, When It Could Have Been Stopped

Spiking Neural Networks Exploiting Memristive Devices

Brain-Inspired Electronics

Source: HingeHealth Hinge Health Raises $600 Million

Human Intelligence Analysis Through Perception Of AI

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