Columns Monthly - August 2022

Europe Begins Energy Cuts You’ll Really Feel

It’s Trump vs Mitch

Joe Rogan & Zuckerberg 3-Hour Audio

China’s Heat Wave Reveals EV’s Unrecognized Weakness

Amazon Facing Unfavourable Regulatory Environment In India

Source: Insider AI, AVs, Automation Innovation For Healthcare and Transport – GigaFlex™

Source: Oxwash Oxwash Raises Series A Funding

Source: Visual Capitalist Wildfires – Be Prepared

Pay Off Your Loans By Writing A Book – I Did

Live Longer, Better With Strength & Cardio Training (nyt$)

VW Starts Self-Driving Production, Orders $4B Of Lidar From Israel

Warren Buffett Turns 92

Why Conservatives Are More Happy Than Liberals – Really

AI Businesses Boom With Military Contracts

Now SARS-CoV-2 Incubates Seasonally Like Flu

How DoD Buys Software & AI

Source: Christian Marquardt Tesla’s 20M EVs A Year By 2030 Will Cost Hundreds Of Billions

Senior Planning For Special Needs Children (nyt$)

Source: POSNOV U.S. Public Destinations As Good As National Parks, But Few People

Investors Up Bets Against Stock Market

Long Covid Is Responsible For One Third Of U.S. Unfilled Jobs

Personalized Products Can Be Sold Direct, But Most Should Be In Stores (nyt$) – SpeedO™

Long Covid In Children Less Common Than In Adults

Looks Like Austin Going To License Plate Readers Too, After Houston

Source: Neuroscience New Physics Theory Solves Consciousness

Protein ‘Traffic Jam’ In Neurons Linked To Neurodegeneration


U.S. COVID DEATHS 7D AVG: August 28 2022 - 478 August 28 2021 - 1,268

Computer Models Of Brain Cells

A Small LA Backyard Of 250 Fruit Trees

New Computational Model Proposed For Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: Nashville Govt. Nashville’s East Bank Cumberland River Redevelopment

The Single Best Food For Your Body & Gut

Warren: Inflation Swindles Everybody (Except Government)

Baylor: New Method For Millisecond, Single Cell Deep Brain Activity Imaging

Red Flag For Our Children – Not Enough Sleep Is Damaging

Twitter’s Open Source “Version” Is Bluesky (2)

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