Columns Monthly - August 2022

One Type Of Photovoltaic Greenhouse – CVA

AI Predicts If, And When, Someone Will Have Cardiac Arrest

ECG AI Predicts Undiagnosed Structural Heart Disease

Source: Nature Communications Natural Mechanism Causes 50-Fold Increase In T-Cell Activation Sensitivity

AI Enables Personalized Treatment Of Myocarditis

Tele-Health And AI Transition

Source: Guzman USDA & Solar Sheep, Cattle Farms – SUNz™ BJYEnergy™ L. Orr

Most Patients Have Positive Views About AI In Medicine

AI Predicts Antidepressant Outcomes In Youth

Zuckerberg: “Running Facebook Sucks”

The Right Way To Do 3 Vineyards In Tuscany, Napa, Russian River - Sonoma (2)

Source: AP UN Ukraine Nuclear Plant Inspection

AI And Drug Development

Improving AI In Health Care

Honda, LG To Build $4.4B U.S. EV Battery Plant

Source: Bob Sorokanich What It Means When This Falls Out On Your Rent-Car Floor

Artificial Intelligence Edges Closer To The Clinic

The Tragedy Of Polio’s Resurgence

AI Assistance For Anesthesiologists

1/3 FedEx Delivery Force In Relentless Margin Squeeze, May Collapse 4:31

AI In Pediatric Emergency Departments (2)

Source: TTD California Is Installing Solar Panels Over Its Canal System – SUNz™

300 Automatic License Plate Readers In Houston

Source: Orsted World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm To Go Online

Early Detection Of Gut Cancer Is Key 6:42

The Novavax Covid-19 Vaccine

NetDragon Appoints First Virtual CEO

Source: DeepMind DeepMind AI Has Predicted Almost Every Protein Medically Known (3)

Source: ElectricBike Model F, It Folds

AI Holography Checks Blood Without Needles

Source: MIT

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