Columns Monthly - August 2022

Yes, Yellen Did Instruct The IRS To Audit Only Over $400,000 Income – We’ll See

Texas Drought Relief From Tropical Storm

If You’reScared To Invest, Warren’s Best Advice, And Why^

Source: Michael Mariant /AP CA’s Diablo Canyon Nuke Power Plant (9% CA’s Power) Extension (2)

Source: Ryuji Kato AI Analyzes Neuron Changes To Detect Whether Drugs Are Effective

Source: CDC Brain Amoeba Kills Child After River Swim

Intel, Brookfield To Invest For Chips Up To $30 Billion In Arizona

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune Everywhere The California Coast Is Collapsing Into The Pacific

Google Wallet Now Available In 6 New Countries For A Total Of 45 – CASH Ww™

Warren Recently Bought These 10 Stocks

Hedge Funds Buy Up The Cash Washes (w audio)

Source: Tosei General Hospital AI Performance Analyzing Lung Disease

Source: DHS One Fentanyl Drug Bust, Enough To Kill Every American

Mental Illness Indicators Caught By Advanced AI In Brain Imaging

100 Year Old Tuberculosis Vax Is Covid Effective

AI Saves One Hour Of Daily Chest CT Interpretation (red)

Source: Ford Ford Cutting 3,000 More Jobs

Accurate Diagnosis Of Brain Tumors Using AI

Telegram Founder Explores NFT-based Auctions (NFTs Are Foolish – Ed.)

Source: Bloomberg New Control Algorithm For Wind Farms

AI May Help Spot Relapse Risk In Alcoholics

E Bonds vs I Bonds^

New AI Screening Tool For Suicidal Risk

Yale & Princeton Join The Market Bears

Manufacturers’ “Bricking” Their Inkjet Printers

Tencent, China’s Facebook, Revenue Drops First Time Ever

Source: Boom Supersonic

Source: Pixabay

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