Columns Monthly - August 2022

Warren Or Soros Long Apple, Ally & Amazon

American Airlines Orders 20 + 40 Supersonic Planes

5.5 Million U.S. Adults Use Hallucinogens

Warren (BRK-A) Buys AAPL, CVX, Sells GM, VZ

Rise Of Bed-Bath-and-Beyond, Now On Brink Of Bankruptcy

JAMA: Covid Increases Risk Of Life- Threatening Blood Clots

Colombia, A U.S. Ally, Launching Digital Currency, Venezuela’s Next Door

Fauci Quits

Modular Cognition

A Credible Summary – How The New Tax Law Affects You And The IRS

Source: Unsplash AI Diagnoses Mild Cognitive Impairment That Progresses To Alzheimer’s

MIT: Fusion Power Will Be Sooner And Smaller 1:38:48 – HYNUS™, Gennady Shvets, PhD, UT & Cornell

Biden Approves Largest Oil & Gas Lease Sale In U.S. History

Source: Amo et al New Link Between Dopamine-Based Reward Learning And Machine Learning (2)

Source: Martin Pitman/LinkedIn Fake Microsoft Office USB Memory Contain Ransomware

Ukraine Special Forces Continue Sebastopol & Russian Navy Strikes 3:59

Columbia Considers Decriminalizing Cocaine

Source: National Cancer Institute Melanoma Thickness Equally Hard For AI, Algorithms And Dermatologists To Judge

Mary Barra Still Says GM Will Sell More EVs Than Tesla In 2025 13:14

AI Predicts Patient Deterioration

AI Helps Assess Psoriasis Severity

Source: Sandia National Laboratories Reinventing Offshore Wind Turbines

OpenAI’s DALE-E For Artists, Developers, Publishers

Source: Bloomberg China Ups Russian Energy Spend To $35 Billion

Source: The Hill Texas Cattle Ranchers Face Existential Drought

AI Helps Writers Write

MIT: How Our Neurons Communicate

AI Brain Imaging Shows Dynamic Mental Illness

Deep Learning Predicts Glaucoma Vision

Source: Xiaomi Xiaomi Beats Tesla To First Robot

AI App More Accurate Than Patient Evaluation Of Stool Samples

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