Columns Monthly - August 2022

Nancy and Rich Kinder:

Jan Duncan:

Phoebe & Bobby Tudor: (2)

The Mithoff family:

Source: FT Sell Tech, Buy Potatoes!

The Ansary family:

Source: Reuters Russia Uses Nuke Power Plant As Fort, Says Three Countries In Nuclear Danger

The Chao family:

The Moody family:

Source: UNC School Of Medicine New Map Of The Developing Cerebral Cortex

Mindy and Jeffrey Hildebrand:

Lester and Sue Smith:

Source: Tesla Tesla Has 7th Largest GPU Supercomputer In The World

Cherie and Jim Flores:

Source: Sadalmelik Is Cuba Is Ready For Change?

Tilman and Paige Fertitta:

The Sakowitz and Wyatt families:

The Cockrell family:

Kathrine (John) McGovern:

The Herzstein Family:

Source: CATL China’s CATL To New Battery Plant – Hungary + China An EU Problem

AI Speeds Sepsis Detection, Prevents Deaths

Source: Tracey Adams California (& Germany) Stay With Nuclear Power

Suicide Prediction Method Combines AI And Face-To-Face Screening

Source: ZeroHedge Horrific EU Heat, Germany’s Rhine River Dries Up, Stops Shipping

AI In Biotech, Medical & Healthcare Advancing Very Fast, Doctors & Industries Upended

Paris Floods 3:15

AI & Stem Cells Predict Cardiac Arrhythmias

Paris Flooding Report

Downtown Las Vegas Floods 0:32

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