Columns Monthly - August 2022

Las Vegas Flood Report

Corpus Christi Floods 5:29

Corpus Christi Flood Report

German Rivers Dry Up (2)

Source: NYT Watered Lush Lawns Are A Dying Idea (nyt$)

U.S. May Not Be Able To Avoid Catastrophic S.W. Water Collapse

Source: MURA dataset Some Radiographers “Unsure” Of AI Interpreting X-Rays

Source: San Diego’s Uprise Energy 100KW 20’ Trailer, Pick-Up Towed Wind Power Station – BJYEnergy’s Feather™ (2)

Source: Google What Germany’s Doing For Heat This Winter

CDC Fully Admits Botched Pandemic Response (nyt$)

Source: KIST Quick And Accurate Diagnosis With Artificial Tactile Neurons

…More From Harvard

Source: Hyundai A Genesis EV

Are Tesla Semis Really 6 Times Less Cost To Operate Than Diesels?

Source: NASA U.S. Artemis Moon Rocket On Launch Pad

Withholding The Search Warrant Affidavit Is Political Trickery

Source: WP One Third Of All Healthcare Costs Is Bureaucracy

Source: University Of Hong Kong AI-Designed Single Molar Dental Prostheses

State DMVs Begin To Shut Down Tesla “Full Self Driving”

…Or Is It Two Thirds Of All Healthcare Costs

Source: Pew Teens Totally Ditched Facebook, Use Insta Some, LOVE Snapchat (TikTok is Goofy, Not Safe) (2) - SnApp™


Bot Dog Learns How To Walk

The New Peptide Alzheimer’s Nasal

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