Columns Monthly - August 2022

Fusion Ignition Confirmed At National Ignition Facility (2)

Best Dishwashers: Bosch, KitchenAid, Samsung (2)

China Does Cow Chips, Not Apple, Google, Intel Or Samsung Chips

Source: Medium AI Quantifies Human Consciousness

Source: Wilshire Trust Endowments Did Well, Now Universities & Colleges Scrambling For Capital & Yield

AI Is Shaking Up The Workplace

AI Is Becoming Part Of Us

Source: Communications Biology Microglia Cells Colonize The Human Brain In Waves

LLMs – Massive Neural Nets Learn From Free Text – Books, Wiki, Reddit, etc.

Source: Geek+ Geek+ Robot Warehouse Workers

Source: Bloomberg Why Is The U.S. Press Not Reporting Unemployment?

Encrypting Facebook Messenger, Insta Details – SnApp™

Source: Optica AI-Based Image Analysis Detects Serious Heart Condition

AI Detects Autism Speech Patterns Across Different Languages

Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Covid Infecting Astrocyte Cells In The Brain

Early Prediction Of Diabetes Using AI

Model Predicts New Covid Variant Characteristics

AI Diagnoses Birth Defect In Fetal Ultrasound Images

Source: Xiaomi Xiaomi’s CyberOne Is A Humanoid Robot With A Weird Walk

Source: Lola Can Lola’s Return To Racing Succeed?

A Robot Learns To Imagine Itself

Nobody Ever Won Betting Against America, Won’t Now 27:13

Source: NYT Detail Of The Energy, Climate & Health Bill (nyt$)

Source: Rice University

Source: Brian Heater

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