Columns Monthly - August 2022

Source: SpaceX SpaceX Starship Super-Heavy Booster Test Fire Success

Source: SVG ID: 15804 Russia Attempts To Export “Superior High Precision” Weapons

Source: Caltech Wearable Detects More Compounds In Human Sweat U.S. DAILY COVID DEATHS, 7D AVG: Aug 15 2022 - 484 Aug 15 2021 - 662 AUSTIN COVID DEATH RATE ~ 1 in 10,000,000 U.S. COVID DEATH RATE ~ 1 in 1,000,000

Source: Wired Swift™’s Energy Source

Don’t Miss Tulsi Gabbard

Source: Bacancy AI-Chatbots Meaningfully Promote Health-Lifestyle Changes

Own A Small Business? An IRS Must- Watch 4:27^

CHIPS Act To Out-Compete China – $50B For Chips, $200+ Billion For AI, Innovation, Science

Meta Made Fact-Checking AI To Help Verify Wikipedia Citations (dup)

Hearing Aids To Be Sold Over The Counter (Apple et al), No Rx (nyt$)

China’s TikTok Promotes Russian Propaganda

MIT: U.S. & NATO AI Scaleups & AI Military Budgets Will Balloon – BJYFederal™, YLabs™

Many Will Be Broke Or Cold This Winter

Energy Bill Means 30%, Plus $7,500 POS, Credits – SUNz™ (nyt$)

Giuliani Is Target Of Georgia Investigation

Improving AI Solutions For Medical Diagnosis

5G Is Not Secure

SEN. Graham Ordered To Testify In Georgia Investigation

Wall St. To Allow Investors To Dispose Of Toxic Russian Debt

Breakthrough Individualized Cellares Blood Cancer Therapies – BJYMed™ , JohnsonTherapies™

Kitco: Gold $$1,650 By Yearend

Source: Google Google Android Watches Give Apple A Run For Their Money

Source: Arxiv AI VR Poses From Humans

CEOs – Do Your Own Fundraising

AI Algorithm Writes Academic Article About Itself

Is Warren’s OXY A Buy Or Sell Today?

Annual Rents Ballistic Increase, Don’t Expect Old Rents (2)

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