Columns Monthly - August 2022

Why I Thought Ford Would Double, And It’s Doing It

China Sinks Deeper Into Real Estate & Bank Cowpatty (2, 1 2:25)

AI Automated Diagnosis Of Neurological Disorders

At Ford, Quality Is Problem 1

6 USC Frats Disassociate Upon New Party Rules (2)

Artificial Intelligence In Neuro- Ophthalmology

Ping Identity (Enterprise) Sell For $2.8B Cash – 1B3Q

Artificial Intelligence In Paediatric Neuroradiology

Canadian Home Prices Set To Plunge 25%

Microsoft Lets You See What A Hacker Sees

Source: SciePro More Intense Exercise, More Brain Growth (2)

What A Start Engine AI Money Raise Looks Like

Porsche EV & Reputation Damaged, All LG EV Batteries Catch Fire 10:29

BEO – Being Extremely Online Not Just For Loaners

Google AI: Fluent Speech Is Not Fluent Thought

Gang War And Death In Juarez & Baja

New Antibody Neutralizes All Known Covid Variants

How The Internet Has Changed in 20 Years^^

Reasons Austin Will Become Less Affordable

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare And Medical Imaging

MS Is Damaged Myelin Nerve Sheaths – Interferon Beta Drugs

Austin ISD To Provide Free Breakfast & Lunch At 76 Schools For All Students

Las Vegas Casinos Flash Flooded

China Falters Cuts Rates, Withdraws Cash, Oil Falls (2)

6 Fruits That Reduce Inflammation, Aging

Heat Caused Texas Grapes To All Ripen At Once

Puerto Rico Is A Mess Not Easy To Fix

Source: Intel Intel Launches ARC Pro GPUs For PCs

Early MS Diagnosis And Exercise Training

Instagram Tests 9:16 Portrait Images

Source: Pubs AI Diagnostic Performance For Fractures On Radiographs.

Brain’s Cleaning Crew Mops Up Alzheimer’s Disease

Amazon Mapping Your Home Interior, Buys Roomba

“Addictive Personality” Is Real – Here’s Why

AI – Preparing For Radiology’s Future

Robinhood Slammed By Crypto Enforcement

Source: The Hustle German Court Allows Advertising Tesla Autopilot

At What Price & PE, If Any, Is Meta A Buy?

What Does Meta Want To Sell Bond Debt Now?

U.S. 500,000 EV Charging Network Takes Shape – Sprite™ InLineAI™ BJYFederal™


Source: NYT

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