Columns Monthly - August 2022

Gas Is Cheaper But Groceries Are Not


Diet Affects Memory & Aging

Brain Imaging Predicts Learning Better Than Tests – MW^

New Langya Virus Infects In East China

Source: Regent Craft Electric Planes Could Soon Serve Hawaii

Unhealthy Cholesterol Linked To Long Covid

Source: IndiaToday Sri Lanka Allows Chinese ‘Spy’ Ship To Dock

A Major Contributor To Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: Vanderbilt Vanderbilt’s Richard Sando & Synaptic Brain Wiring, Rewiring During Lifetime

Image-Guided Partial Nephrectomy

Vanderbilt Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment & Management.

Source: Fortune Meta, Facebook, Insta And Zuck In Real Trouble

Source: Royalton West Side Houston Luxury Condos Evacuated Long Term (2)

Vanderbilt – Challenges Facing Digital Healthcare

Source: University of Leeds Vegetarian Women Are At A Higher Risk Of Hip Fracture

Meta Sued For Giving Hospitals A Tool, Then Collecting Personal Medical Data

Self-Supervised Learning Techniques For Neuroimaging Data

Neighbors Buy Up Homes To Protect Neighborhoods^

Scripts Hospital La Jolla Becomes Level 1 Trauma Center

Toyota – Panasonic Battery JV To Mine Lithium In Nevada

FBI Mar-a-Lago Trump Search Was For Nuclear & Top Secret Docs

Urgent Polio Boosters For London Children

How To Maximize You Limit With Each Credit Card Issuer

Ex CIA & NSA Director: Nuke Leakers Should Be Executed

Single Clinical Test Provides More Answers About Covid

Zuckerberg Top Execs Desert, Walls Crumbling.

The Mar-a-Lago Secrets (op)

Source: Bair FIGS (Fast Interpretable Greedy-Tree Sums) For ML Decision Trees

Apple Replaces The iPhone With … (econ$)

RTD Boulder, CO A Park-n-Ride Risk

Testosterone Also Promotes Cuddling

Twitter’s Unsolvable Problems.

Models Of Fetal Brain To Postnatal Cortex Folding

Metaverse Drops Into The Deep Freeze

Larry Summers Right Again: Hard Recession, Millions Laid Off

Robinhood Lays Off Quarter Of Staff

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