Columns Monthly - August 2022

FTC Sues Facebook (Meta) To Stop Multiverse (nyt$)

(Cycling and) Nature Affect Well-Being In Many Ways

Gates: “AI Will Be Worth 10 Microsofts” (‘19)

Investors Exit Emerging Markets

Israelie Startup Copies You Into An Embryo For Organ Harvesting

Stephen Hawking’s AGI Warning

Real Reason Mortgage Rates Dropping

A Primer For Getting Started With AI & Machine Learning


SEC vs Ripple Nears End, Why It Matters For Crypto

Source: PM LUXURY HOMES 160 Acre California Pacific Estate – $22M

Novavax 90% Effective, No Side Effects, Omicron Efficacy Being Studied^ (2)

AI Enterprise Management Using Deep Learning

Solana Crypto Wallets Drained (2)

Will Neuroscience Shape The Metaverse?

Heavy Sweating Exercise Increases Serum Uric Acid?

Brain Applies ‘Data Compression’ When Making Decisions (2)

San Diego High Covid Risk Now

…But Hospitalizations Decline

Why Mpox Is A World Threat 5:24

Source: Breeze Breeze Airlines – Low Prices & Flexible (2)

Extending The Shelf Life Of Vaccines

Source: SEO Shopify Fires 10 Percent Of Its Workforce Via Email

Source: Google – Google’s PaLM: Translates Code, Summarizes Text, Does Legal Briefs And Chains-Of-Thought; But It’s Not Conscious –

China’s New Battlefield Rockets vs U.S. HIMARS & HARMs

U.S. To Block China’s Access To Advanced Chip Design

Sell My House Now Before The Crash, Or Wait Years

Artificial And Biological Neural Networks Underlying Sensorimotor Integration

So You Think AI Isn’t Spooky

Jarad Mauch’s Own Internet Gets $2.6M To Add 600 Homes – BJY-MDD (2)

Neural Networks With Connection Laplacians

UK: Russia “Unlikely” To Win In Ukraine

Training Data From Trained Neural Networks

Again, Homebuilders Got Greedy, Get Knocked Down

Source: PET Scan Molecular Machinery Predisposes To Alzheimer's Disease (2)

Creating True AI And The Singularity (2:05:04)

Source: GM Chevy Bolt – Best EV Value, Plus $7,500 Credit

VC’s Bank Balances Climb^

Your Brain, The Bigger Picture, And MRI

Artificially Intelligent Systems & AGI

Get 9.2% U.S. Treasury I-Bonds, Run Don’t Walk^^

NY Polio Suggests Community Spread

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