Columns Monthly - August 2022

Teva Pharma Paying $4.25 Billion Opioid Settlement

A VC’s Human-Centric Path To AGI

Computing Innovations For Scale-Up Of Brain-Inspired Intelligence

Hybrid Spiking AI Neural Network Training

Source: Ford Ford Makes A Major EV Battery Move

Brain-Inspired Computing Needs A Master Plan

Source: Reuters Go Nancy!

Ford Moves To Far Safer, Lower Cost Iron LFP Batteries

Source: AccuWeather Philippines Magnitude 7 Earthquake

200 Coaches & Players On College Football’s Future

Ford Now Has Enough Batteries To Make EVs Profitable

Alzheimer’s-Defying Brain Offer Clues To Treatment And Prevention Of Dementia Rapid Loss Of Smell Predicts Dementia And Smaller Brain Areas Linked To Alzheimer’s

AOC & Progressives: IRS Going Beast Mode On Audits Of Middle Class (op)

VW Ousts CEO Herbert Diess, Big Blow To VW EVs

The Most Expensive HS Football Stadiums In Texas, Starting At $42 Million

Warren Continues To Buy OXY (2)


What’s Behind Warren’s Massive Oil Buy

Source: Frontiers Brain-Inspired Theory Of Mind Spiking Neural Networks

Study Of 72 Million Reveals Path To Prosperity – It’s Social

4 Of Warren’s Dividend Stocks

Modeling Diverse Vision Tasks Without Modifications

Why Warren Loves Apple

CHIPS Act Give Power To Dept. Of Commerce

Apple Chip Expert Leaves Company To Join Samsung

Source: University of Bonn Covid: New Energy For Flagging Immune Cells

Steps For Scaling Implicit Neural Representations

How Ukraine Can Minimize War Attrition (econ$)

Deep Learning On Implicit Neural Datasets

U.S. Tech Ban On China Didn’t Work (nyt$)

Cocoa & Chocolate Reduce Blood Pressure^

Microsoft CTO (& Elon): AI Should Be Regulated

Wall St. IPOs, M&A, Issuances, And Bonuses Get Chopped

Eggs Are Great For Health – No Matter What You’ve Heard 10:08

Carla Simulator For Autonomous Driving

The Best 21 Minutes On Putin – He’s Weaker Than You Think 21:03

Air Pollution & Dementia

Roadside Objects Can Cause AVs To Stop Abruptly

A Clue? U.S. Leads World In Mpox Cases

Source: Amazon Amazon’s Self-Driving Taxi Near Launch

Did You Know The U.S. Has A Critical Teacher Shortage?

Weed And Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Dear Elon, Why AGI Won’t Be By 2029

Amazon Wants To Be Your Doctor

Crime Or Sham – College Fi Aid

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