Columns Monthly - August 2022

Amazon Delivers With Rivian EV, Orders 100,000

Effective Theory Of Representation Learning

Google Aims To Beat Apple, Begins Public Testing AR Glasses Again

Bayesian Robust Graph Contrastive Learning

Some Say Chip Shortages Not Improving

AI Adaptive Massively Parallel Algorithms

Real Reason For China’s Zero Covid Policy Is Absolute Control Of Personal Mobility & Protests 18:43

Tasks In Large-Scale Multitask Learning Systems

Source: RCSI New Heart Model For Heart Failure

Source: WSJ Recession Pronouncements Are Always Late (wsj$)

China Deploys Tanks Against Bank Protesters

Biomemristors-Based Synaptic Devices In Artificial Intelligence

CRISPR Technology Success In Preventing Covid

GenZ Searches Instagram Not Google, It’s Significant – SnApp™

Computable Artificial General Intelligence

How To Get 5 Things Medicare Doesn’t Cover & How To Get Covered – Long Term Care, Vision, Dental, Hearing, Full Annual Routine 10:16

Google Is Reinstating App Permissions

Human-Like Reasoning In Artificial Intelligence

Scorching Heat Burns Crops, No HEB Corn For Weeks

Defeating Machine Learning Barriers

Source: AP Russia Declares Ukrainian Military Unit A Terrorist Group

China In A Real Mess, And True Cause Of Taiwan Aggression (op)

Source: GAF GAF Building 2nd Nailable Solar Shingle Factory

How We Helped China Take Much Of Latin America In 10 Years (op)

Source: Nature University Of Michigan Proposes A New Machine Learning Model

OpenDoor’s iBuyer Was Fraudulent, FTC Fines, Full Complaint Here (2)

In Crypto & NFT Bankruptcy, “Your” Account Funds Are Not Yours

GM Downgraded, “Vehicle Prices Will Fall”, Tesla’s Also

House Price Will Fall, Austin First (op)

Earnings Up, Stocks Up Yesterday

Germany May Keep Nuclear Power – Good Idea

India’s Pandemic Education Bubble Pops, It’s Back To Basics

Source: Nature What People Picture In Their Mind’s Eye

Source: AP Yosemite National Park Wildfire Out Of Control, Grows (2)

These 21 Of 50 House Market Prices Declined In June

Charlie’s Outlook, He’s Not Worried^

Home Depot Founder Says U.S. In Recession, He Should Know

Lower Blood Pressure

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