Columns Monthly - August 2022

Exxon, Chevron, Shell, Total Blowout Earnings

Harvard: Exercise Reduces Depression Risk, Improves Life (4)

An AI Illusion – Our Best Chatbots, With Examples^

Twitter Is The World Nervous System For News, And Its Problems – SnApp™

What Joe Manchin Got For $433 Billion

Algorithms Adapt To Change In A Human- Like Way

Some Brands Should Tweet, Some Not – SPF609, SnApp™

What’s In The $433B Climate Bill

…More On Exercise & Depression, Anxiety (2)

How To Long Tweet – SnApp™

Sat: Lake Mead, Las Vegas Water, Still Falling And Lowest Since 1937

Mobile Only Snapchat Adding Subscription Video Desktop Service - SnApp™ (2)

Alzheimer’s Research Fraud May Have Cost Millions Of Lives

TikTok Caused Instagram To Go Video – SnApp™

New Zealand Covid Deaths At Record Level

Scaling Your Startup Or Scaleup During The Recession And VC Vacation – SPF609

Source: kaist Energy-Efficient AI Hardware Technology Via Brain-Inspired “Stashing” System (2)

LA Doubles Down On Indoor Masking

Source: Visual News Al Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahri Killed By U.S. Drone (2)

Spain’s 35,000 Acre Wildfire Still Burning

Southwest’s Air Miles Don’t Expire

International Study Identifies Risks For Long Covid In Children

Surprising Poll Of What Americans Think Of Texas

Depression Linked To Consuming An Inflammatory Diet^

Source: Nuro Houston’s Nuro AVs & Walmart, CVS, BYD – Sprite™

On Elon Buying Disney

As Winnie The Pooh, Disney Losing Mickey Mouse Rights?

You Won’t Believe This About Tesla :46

Americans Not Aging Out Of Massive Student Loans

S.Korea Tests Digital Currency With Commercial Banks

Most U.S. F-35s Grounded

Tesla Cybertruck’s Huge Advantages Over Ford’s Lightning

INFOWARS Files Bankruptcy

2 Stocks Paying 8% Yield

New Registry Of U.K. Overseas Property Owners

Source: Hailpoint – 115 In Texas –

Kyle Bass On Cash 20:14


iPhone App Subscriptions Now Make More Money Than Games^

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