Columns Monthly - August 2022

Two Or Three Covid Vaccines Cut Long Term Covid & Death

Source: Visual Capitalist The Era Of Value Stock Investing Is Here – VIC608

China Goes Live-Fire Around Taiwan

China Is A Greater War Risk Than Russia (2) China Has A Superior First Strike Ability (op) 6:19 (2) Columns 2/24/2022: China May Invade Taiwan Sooner And Concurrently With Ukraine Invasion

New Vaccine Superior For Omicron Variants

Warren Adds To His Oil Bet

New Evidence Of Key Mechanism In Alzheimer’s

92% Of New Cars In Norway Are EVs – Stunning (nyt$)

Genetic Architecture Underlying Alcohol, Cigarette Abuse

Barrons: Sell Meta

Chipmakers In For A Mega-Bust

U.S. COVID DEATHS 7D AVG: July 19 2022 - 425 July 19 2021 - 273

Source: Arxiv Method For Training Deep Neural Networks With Unitary Matrices

IBM Buying AI Companies Willy Nilly

What China Says About War

Hide That Gmail Sidebar

Massive Heatwave In U.S. Central And Southwest Plains

Russia Claims Anti-HIMARS Weapon

AI Team From DeepMind Picks Stocks (2)

Twitter Sues Elon To Force Sale, 15 Revelations

China Has A Belt And Road Debt, Real Estate And Bank Crisis

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough: Genetic Link To Gut Disorders Confirmed

AI Assist Does Work Of 100 Apps, Photoshop To Twillo

Amazon Prime Day Deals (3)

American Faces Political Violence

We Said Covid Was’t Over – It’s Novel

Intel’s 2nd Gen AI DL Processor Chips

Biden, 80 In Nov, Has Covid Again, Back To Isolation (2)

Covid Infection And Long Covid Remain Dangerous

America’s 15 Most Wealthy Counties

ML Pipeline & Types Of Roles In ML 12:41

America’s 5 Top States For Business

Diabetes: A Step Closer To A Life Without Insulin

Programming Complex Tissue Organizations In 3D

Covid Infection Doubles Risk Of Mental Health And Financial Problems In Older Adults

Overview Of GraphSage for Neural Networks

Source: VinFast The VinFast Story (2)

U.S. COVID DEATHS 7D AVG: July 18, 2022 - 420 July 18, 2021 - 273

Another Texas Town Runs Out Of Water

The Texas Drought Of 2022 2 Videos 12:59 & 9:28 - LakeTexas™

Source: Nikon Nikon Plans To Shut SLR Cameras Business

Texas Towns Running Out Of Water (2)

Source: MIT MIT Developed Neural Network Pipeline Called RISP

VW Building 6 Battery Gigafactories

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