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How to Refresh and Avo id Burnout

Friends, I’m back from visiting one of the best places on the planet — Hawaii — with my wife, Susan. We celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary and our 37th year of working together at the Ventura Spine and Nerve Center. Since we plan our vacations nearly a year in advance (basically the only way to ensure sanity when your schedule is as insane as ours), we made it through numerous seminars presented to those looking to restore their health, processed a slew of new patients who decided to trust us to transform their quality of life, and interviewed a lot of people before hiring our new front desk receptionist ... all before we hightailed it to the islands. While there, we were able to recharge like it’s our job ... because it is. It’s my job to do the work and show up for this community. It’s my job to be a great father and an awesome husband and to care for myself. I can’t do any of those jobs well if I don’t treat rest and self-care as an essential factor in my profession. One of the questions I’m getting more and more is people asking what to do when they get burned out or feel like they’re on the verge of a breakdown. I hate to think some of you might be feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, so

I thought I’d share the ways I refresh, relax, and recharge, all of which are possible with or without an AirBnB in a tropical locale.

I’d also start a negative self-talk shame spiral because I’d blown all the progress I’d been making. Now, I stay on track: I eat the same meals I would back home. I do the same workouts. I drink ALL the water, but I do have

1. ‘Turn off.’ No, seriously. “Turning off” is

a huge deal for us, and we try our best to do it every single weekend.

one addition. I treat myself to indulgences along the way. I might get dessert after dinner! 3. Don’t crash and burn. Each

The easiest way for me to do this is to identify whatever your regularly scheduled programming looks like and actively choose something

day, take care to eat right, sleep

well, move at least 30 minutes a day, and get

regular chiropractic adjustments (at least once a month). Recharging regularly allows me to do my jobs well (as mentioned above), and it will also keep you living life to its fullest. If you haven’t been in to receive a life- enhancing spinal adjustment in over three months, call the office now and

that’s totally opposite. Just the act of getting outside your routine will shake up the monotony that can start to wear you down. 2. Stay on plan but treat yourself. When I go on vacation, I stay on my meal and workout plans. The way I eat and the way I workout is the core of feeling great every single day. In years past when I would go bananas on vacation, eat and drink everything and never move off the pool lounger, I’d finish up the trip feeling abysmal.

meet our new front desk receptionist, Ha, and get recharged now!

–Dr. Steven Alff, D.C.

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