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APRIL 2020

Renting out a Refurbished Lease on Life WE EAT THE ELEPHANT ONE BITE AT A TIME Working T gether,Winning Together

“Teamwork makes the dreamwork” …or so my brother Zach has said half-mockingly several times in the last fewmonths. I say half-mockingly because, though he believes the words, he also knows that true teamwork is so rare. At the core of Zach’s company, Vale, are soccer and basketball premier youth sports teams, that practice and play together. They play to win, but they also play to learn, have fun, and grow. We had a full staff meeting a few weeks ago where I shared my belief that the workplace is second only to youth sports in its ability to develop people, help them grow, and build strong bonds by bringing people together for a common goal. But it’s extremely rare for a workplace to meet that potential. I want the workplace at Robert C. White to meet that potential! I really, really do! We are a long way off, but we have great people who work together as a team, and we are aligned on why we do what we do. We take steps forward every day. Often they are baby steps, but still, we make progress and take those steps together. I asked Michael, one of our real estate specialists, to “take the pen” this month, share a little about himself, and share more about another of our core values: “Work Together, Win Together.” Maybe we should have named it “Teamwork Makes the DreamWork.”

Truly inspired by the information, I decided to sign up for a real estate class, and within a month, I was enrolled. The 22-week real estate class was taught by two instructors, and a guest speaker also came in to talk about property management. Luke was the guest speaker, and that’s where our relationship began. Although I went on to work for two other residential brokerages after passing the real estate exam, Luke and I maintained contact, and he served as a real estate colleague and mentor. In 2015, I decided to join Robert C. White & Company. At most real estate brokerages, you’re just an agent. They’ll bring on as many agents as they can and see who hits the mark. But that’s not the case at Robert C. White & Company. Here, we run a tight ship, and you’re more than just an agent. You can expect to grow both personally and professionally. If you’re ambitious, this workplace is a perfect environment to be part of. Luke is really good about giving the kind of constructive suggestions that help you improve, and he’s built a company culture that emphasizes teamwork. One of our company values is “Work Together, Win Together.” I take that to mean that the actions of the entire team come down to one result, and if one person fails, we all fail. Recently, I was showing a property to a potential tenant when I discovered a laundry chute tucked away in the bathroom closet. It didn’t appear to be a laundry chute initially. It looked more like a box with a piece of unsecured wood lying on top. After going into the basement, I realized what it was, and I was immediately concerned this could be a safety hazard for any child who resided in that property.

In scenarios like this, my job becomes about

more than just a commission check. I’m always thinking about how everybody involved in our whole sphere — the tenants we

serve, the propert y owners we represent, and vendors we work with — can be successful and safe. To prevent is better than

to cure, and this was a great opportunity to do more than what was required. Here at Robert C. White & Company we care a great deal about getting things right, no matter how slowly we may have to move at first. We correlate this with the proverb about how to eat an elephant … one bite at a time. In addition to working in real estate, I am also employed as a firefighter, which requires me to serve my community by working a 24-hour shift, 7–8 days a month. I really enjoy working both in real estate and as a firefighter. To be exceptional in both of these very different fields requires a great deal of versatility and dedication. When I’m not working, I’m enjoying time with my 12-year-old son, Michael Jr, or traveling the world with my lovely wife, Kelly, who is super supportive! In addition to traveling throughout the U.S., we have been to eight countries together and plan to visit many more.

Yours in “Go Team!,”

My interest in real estate started when I was 26 years old. At the time, I was working as a truck driver, driving tractor-trailers throughout the country, when I came across an insightful podcast on real estate.

–Michael Bradley


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