Waldegrave School Christmas Magazine 2022


Professional actors from Complicité theatre company worked with our Sixth Form students leading the ensemble in building warm ups, and generating ideas for creating scenes. Inspiration came from Art and text, using movement and visual poetry to create interesting shapes from which to start the storytelling.

For Year 12 this was an invaluable session for their devising coursework and for Year 13 it gave them good ways of adding physicality to their performance exam.

MELODRAMA Over this term, Year 8 have been learning about and performing the Melodrama script ‘Foiled Again’ in class. Melodrama is a genre of theatre, known for its exaggerated character types and sensational plots, which originated in France and became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. As the genre developed, it became common for melodrama storylines to include six stock characters: the mean villain, the sensitive hero, the persecuted heroine, the comic character, the faithful friend and the villain’s sidekick. Following on from this, our Year 8s were set a task to create their own stock character profile pages. They were very creative with this exercise, producing some lovely detailed illustrations for a variety of the stock character types.

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