Waldegrave School Christmas Magazine 2022


This has been the first December since 2019 that has seen the school end the term with all the excitement and activities that we all usually associate with Christmas. The cold weather spell this week has caused us all many challenges but it was lovely to see students from all year groups playing in the snow on Monday, making snowmen and throwing snowballs (mostly at Mr Goulbourne). It certainly added to the festive feel. Tuesday’s Winter Festival was truly magical, allowing students from all year groups to showcase their talents as musicians, actors and dancers. It was wonderful to This week we have said goodbye to someone who knows the traditions of Waldegrave very well. Mrs Yamuah is retiring after 34 years teaching at Waldegrave. She has inspired students with her passion for science and her determination and commitment. Now in her fourth decade of teaching, Mrs Yamuah is proud to be teaching the children of students she taught earlier in her career and is looking forward to the reunion in the summer of the Waldegrave class of 1993 which include students from her very first tutor group. Mrs Yamuah has started a new tradition this year, wearing her traditional Ghanaian clothing every week. Mrs Yamuah will be greatly missed by the school community, everyday she brings warmth to school with her smile and positivity. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday, with an opportunity to enjoy your own family traditions old and new.

see students working together across the year groups, learning from each other and having lots of fun in the process. It has been absolutely joyful to resurrect the traditions that we have taken for granted in the past including the Winter Festival, the Christmas lunch and not forgetting the staff pantomime, as well as starting new traditions with Waldegrave’s Carol Service.

- Ms Tongue

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