Waldegrave School Christmas Magazine 2022

Social Science students attended a “Psychology / Sociology in Action” conference which took place at the Emmanuel Centre in Central London. They heard from sociologists and psychologists and who specialise in different areas of the subjects and picked up tips on how to be successful in their exams. Theo M-J, Y12 Psychology student, said: “The Emmanuel centre was a fantastic setting for our conference - a renovated and modern hall seating up to 1000 and filled with arched walls, a large glass overhead dome and lots of refurbished wooden seating. Over the course of the day we had talks about memory with music, Sports psychology and decision making, behavioural analytics (how brands control their industry through affecting our behaviour) and also the psyche behind conspiracy theories and which type of people can be stereotyped into being more likely to believe in them. There was a talk on exam practice and what methods help and which do not which was very useful. The final talk about the science behind dance, and its benefits in helping with different aspects of problem-solving was joyful. He got everyone up to dance, even the teachers!” Nell M, Y12 Sociology Student, said of the event: “The opportunity to get a taste of lecture-style events covering topics such as disability; predictive policing; the importance of rethinking representation within education plus hearing about the effects of growing up and living in unequal countries, was invaluable. Aisha Thomas, the founder of Representation Matters spoke compellingly of her own journey and experience as a mother and educator, inspiring us, as an emerging generation, to make changes within the education system to increase representativeness. Questions sparked throughout the talk and we could contribute via a live online platform, either anonymously or live. It was a great way to experience the conversation in the room collectively and it has boosted our knowledge outside of the curriculum.”

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