Waldegrave School Christmas Magazine 2022


On a chilly final week of term, 127 Geographers embarked on their GCSE Fieldwork excursions in our borough. The group should be commended for such resilience and enthusiasm despite challenging conditions where we encountered snow and very cold conditions. For our fieldwork data collection, we were able to sample the differing infiltration rates at different locations in Bushy Park. Students were able to investigate how the presence of trees affected this. In order to collect data for the human element of the fieldwork, pupils engaged in a very interesting analysis of London Road, finding out whether Twickenham could be classified as a clone town or not (it’s not!). In addition, students were able to develop further primary data collection skills in devising their own questionnaires for further evidence. Well done again for some superb participation Year 11 - we now look forward to exploring ways to present our data upon return to school in January.

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