Waldegrave School Christmas Magazine 2022

Remembrance Day was celebrated with a focus on the many collaborations between different nations and people around the world to end the rule of fascism. Lindsey D commented: “It never comes as a surprise, being asked to play the Last Post as a trumpet player in early November! This year, much like last year, we recorded a video of us playing the tune (which was shown in form time in the morning and can be viewed in the youtube video below) but the live performance was a surprise, to me and everyone else! It's always nerve-wracking per- forming alone, and you definitely feel exposed right outside the sixth form base! Kate played in the car park over the other side of the site, but I'm not sure how in sync we were… The nerves before playing are equally matched by the adrenaline rush you get after it goes well, and it definitely did, even better than in the re - cording! Overall it was a great experience, and I'm looking forward to hopefully doing it again next year!”

Many students took part in services around the borough and Lara E-B in 11 PTR was chosen to represent Peake Explorers and Scouting at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. She marched with veterans and other families on this special occasion.

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