Waldegrave School Christmas Magazine 2022


Waldegrave PTA organised for Gill Hines, education and parenting consultant, to speak about Raising Brave Young Women. The talk was very well received, giving parents and carers the tools they need to support their young people and help them grow into fearless young adults. Gill has worked with children and families for over 40 years in a range of roles - primarily in Educational settings. She is best known for her workshops and books for parents and her down to earth approach to helping children and young people become the best versions of themselves. She says: “It’s a sad fact that research shows confidence in girls drops by an enormous 30% during adolescence. Those wonderful feisty children become anxious worriers - self conscious and afraid to be their best self in case others dislike them for it. Boys as a group don’t have the same problem - confidence rates stay much the same so why is it that girls change so dramatically, and what can we do to help them stay brave and confident in their own abilities, likeability and personhood?” The talk concentrated on why changes happen, how those changes show themselves and how we can teach girls ways of managing their thought patterns and destructive behaviours such as self criticism, over reliance on the opinions of others for their self worth, overthinking and catastrophizing. Set within a home in which resilience, self reliance and personal responsibility are modelled and celebrated, these are powerful tools. Edel, chair of the PTA said: “Thank you to everyone who attended the PTA talk - it was great to have such a big enthusiastic audience. Gill is a highly engaging speaker and it was a very insightful and useful session – closely aligned to the school’s PDC curriculum. I’m sure some of her books will be on my Christmas List!”

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