Waldegrave School Christmas Magazine 2022

Year 13 students, Ruby M and Cara P, were given the chance to fly out to Germany for work experience! Here is what they have to say about their time out there: “We had such an exciting opportunity to go to Hamburg and work in a children’s toy shop and hotel reception. It took us out of our comfort zone and we built a lot of resilience when working through the challenges which made us much more confident German students as well as more resilient people in every aspect of our life. WORK EXPERIENCE ABROAD


A week’s work experience at St Mary’s University for six students proved to be just what they needed to convince them they wanted to do a degree in Psychology. They immersed themselves in the Psychology department, attending lectures, learning how to use the University’s cutting edge research software and taking part in the teaching and research activities including assembling research packs for participants. “I learnt about how research takes place and the amount of time that goes into conducting it to make sure it runs smoothly. It was a very good opportunity which has helped me to have a greater understanding of psychology at university and as a wider subject.” - Ella K

“It helped give me a deeper knowledge of psychology at university level, attending lectures and workshops across all three years and experiencing a snapshot of life at St Mary’s University.” - Daisy D “This was a practical experience for me to learn how to use [the university] software. In addition, a hands-on learning of the research method and statistical workshop. I gained a lot of valued experience. I believe this is an unforgettable experience in my life.” - Yin Ling K “[It] has allowed me to gain transferable skills, and has prepared me to start an academic degree in psychology and allow me to gain experience in psychological careers.” - Gajmeet S “I thoroughly enjoyed the sensory neuroscience talk [and] I gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge about the careers in psychology and studying it at university.” Sasha N

Fortunately it was not all work! We were able to experience Hamburg’s culture such as visiting the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall, boat ride on the river, and museums. We both found the experience rewarding and it was so valuable to meet other students from across the country with similar interests and aspirations. All in all it was a fantastic experience which will help give us the tools we need for a successful last year of school!”

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