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Top Six Fire Safety Tips

The Ontario Fire Code (under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 ), sets out minimum requirements for fire safety in buildings and facilities, including condos. Unless specified otherwise, the Fire Code considers the “ owner ” to be the condo corporation, who is responsible for carrying out its provisions.

Here are 6 tips to help owners, Boards and Managers keep their condos safe:



Condos with more than 10 people must have a fire safety plan that is approved by the Chief Fire Official. It is important to review your plan annually. Be sure to include any changes to staff, renovations (completed or ongoing), upgrades to the building components and changes to the list of residents who will need assistance in an emergency. A note on Chubb Box security: Property Managers are all - too aware of the recent uptick in broken Chubb boxes and stolen building keys. The Fire Department does not require keys to be stored in these boxes. If you are in an area of high crime or experiencing this issue, you may wish to have the keys removed – just be sure that you have an on - site key holder who can grant immediate access to the Fire Department, if you choose to go this route.

Heather Dickenson, RCM , OLCM returned to London in 2017 to pursue a career in property management at Dickenson Condo Management. She became a professional member of the CCI — London and Area Chapter in 2019 and was elected to the Board of Directors at the AGM of 2021. She currently serves on the Education Committee.


Sharing your Fire Plan with residents on an annual basis will help educate them on how to proceed in the event of a fire. It is a good idea to share the communication prior to the annual fire drill, so there are no surprises when that bell goes off! Be sure to have annual fire drills and inform residents of the “ Meeting Location ” outside of the building. 3) ENCOURAGE RESIDENTS TO KEEP A ‘ HIGH - RISE SURVIVAL KIT ’ IN THEIR UNITS Toronto Fire Services recommends that tenants keep a ‘ survival kit ’ readily available if they become trapped during a fire. The following items can be purchased for under $50 and may increase your changes or surviving a fire:

 Wet towel – place at the base of a door.

 Duct tape – tape over door and vent openings.

 Whistle – use to signal for help.

 Flashlight – use in case of power failure, smoke or to signal for help.

 Bright - coloured cloth – hang up in a window or balcony, to identify your location.

 Cotton bedsheet – if smoke is heavy in your room, soak the bedsheet with water and make a tent near an open window.  Wash cloth – place the wet cloth over your mouth and nose to aid breathing in smoke - filled areas. For a comprehensive list of survival kit items , visit: community - people/public - safety - alerts/safety - tips - prevention/home - high - rise - school - workplace - safety/high - rise - fire - safety/

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