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I n H onor of N ational S iblings D ay THE POWER OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Vital Care Patients ENTER TO WIN Find the misspelled word in this newsletter and call (623) 544-0300 for your chance to win a $10 gift card! CALL (623) 544-0300 Contest is for past and present Vital Care PT patients only. I’m the oldest of my parents’ four kids. After I was born, Melissa came a year later, Amy four years later, and David six years later. Because Melissa and I were so close in age, when we were kids, we were often mistaken for twins. This legacy of being close in age followed us all the way through high school. Because we were so close, we often shared the same friends, While Easter is usually regarded as the most important holiday in the month of April, there is a lesser-known event celebrated this month that allows me time to show admiration for some of the most influential people in my life: National Siblings Day. Having grown up with three younger siblings, I simply can’t imagine a childhood without them. So, in honor of National Siblings Day, I wanted to take some time to highlight just how important a role they’ve played and continue to play in my life.

too. This was nice because it meant that we always had a group of friends that we could hang out with together, have fun, and share secrets. When Amy and David came along, Melissa and I used to pretend that they were our babies. We also found out pretty quickly that the rumors about last-born kids having fewer rules than their older siblings were absolutely true! Melissa and I laid all the framework, so by the time the other two came along, my parents were much more lenient. While I may have had to “take one for the team” being the oldest, I’m extremely grateful that I was my parents’ first child, because the responsibility associated with the role helped foster both my maturity level and my motivation to start and finish my goals. I started babysitting at age 10 and worked all throughout high school. To this day, I don’t believe I would have had the determination to do so without the experience of having younger siblings. They helped me learn, grow, and always strive for more. Fast-forward a few years into the future, and we are as close as we’ve ever been. We are now even raising our own babies together! In fact, in remembering how close Melissa and I were as children, Dave and I decided to have our own kids within a year of each other. Now, just as Melissa and I did as kids, my son and daughter run in the same friend group and share a really great relationship themselves.

Since my siblings and I are raising our kids during the same time frame, whenever we come up against a difficult parenting decision, we’ll call each other to brainstorm, ask advice, and sometimes vent. Our shared experiences as parents mirror the relationships we had growing up together.

No matter what was going on, we always had company. Even if we were mad at each other or got into an argument, we knew we were never alone, and I think there is something really powerful about that type of unconditional love. We taught each other to share, negotiate, compromise, and care about the feelings of others. I’m so thankful to have them in my life.

–Andrea McWhorter | 1

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