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Rich in History, Centrally Located in the NY to NJ Area!

Tom Reardon and Erik Anderson represent clients from Monmouth County, but they are also lifelong residents themselves! In addition to being part of the community they serve, their office is centrally located to provide legal services to clients throughout New Jersey and New York.

It takes some serious basketball knowledge — and a lot of luck — to successfully predict the outcome of March Madness. Whether you’re an average hoops fan or an expert, it’s more difficult than you might think. The Smithsonian estimates the odds of a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 quadrillion. But gone are the days of relying on the most intimidating mascot to make your decisions. Try to beat those odds with these March Madness technologies. ADOBE’S HACK THE BRACKET What if there was a tool that could compare free-throw percentages or shot accuracy between opponents? Well, now there is! For the past two years, Adobe has used its data analytics software to offer a simple-to-use system, Hack the Bracket. The program breaks down points, mistakes, fouls, win percentages, and other statistics into side-by-side comparisons. The software also calculates the percentage of a team winning or losing, giving users a closer look at the game. GOOGLE CLOUD’S STUDENT-LED ANALYTICS It’s one thing to know the numbers; it’s a whole other ball game to understand what they mean. That’s where Google Cloud’s analytics team comes in to help. In 2018, Google partnered with the NCAA to offer live gameplay analyses, and in 2019, the tech giant hired more than 30 college students to contextualize the numbers throughout the tournament. Google’s steps for 2020 remain a mystery, but you can view past records and data at marchmadness. THE NCAA’S ORIGINAL BRACKET CHALLENGE In 1939, Oregon University became the first team to win March Madness, defeating Ohio State University 46-33 in an eight-team tournament. By 1985, the tournament had grown to 64 teams, and the bracket was born. With that kind of history, there’s no better place to create your bracket than with the hosts of spring’s best sporting event: the NCAA’s digital hub. offers you team analyses, real-time updates, and a home for your bracket. With an easy-to-use platform, you don’t have to be a college basketball expert or technology whiz to make your choices and follow your team all the way to the championship.

If you were taking a weekend trip with your family across Monmouth County, you might visit its beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean or its lush farmland. (We know what you are thinking, “New Jersey? Farmland?” Well, we have more racehorses in New Jersey than Kentucky, so there.) Monmouth County’s history is as rich as its soil. Because it's located between New York City and Philadelphia, its history is filled with notable events and visitors dating back to 1683. For example, there are several homes and churches that predate the creation of the United States. The Continental Army, led by George Washington, fought in the Battle of Monmouth, which was the longest land-fought battle of the Revolutionary War (and some say an important step toward winning the war). From historic battlefields to being the birthplace of Bruce Springsteen — Monmouth County has it all. Besides having a wealth of history (or perhaps because of it) Monmouth County is home to many vibrant communities with incredibly diverse businesses. The county welcomed a large number of immigrants from Europe in the early 1900s. The attractiveness of the area has not diminished over the years, and that is why so many people and businesses today call Monmouth County home. Tom and Erik grew up in Monmouth County and are deeply involved with their communities. In fact, both live in the towns where they were raised (Erik is the mayor of his hometown). In addition to representing businesses and individuals in Monmouth County, their centrally located office allows Reardon Anderson to easily represent clients throughout the entire state of New Jersey and the New York City area. Whether you are in New York City, Cape May, or anywhere in between, we can help. If you are in need of legal assistance, do not hesitate to give us a call at 732-997-7749.


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