Our Stories. Our Redmond.

A MESSAGE FROM Mayor Angela Birney I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as Redmond’s Mayor. It is a responsibility that I expect to come with many rewards and challenges. I would like to share my vision, what your department will be focusing on in the new year, my commitment to each of you, and how we will be informing the community and organization. MY VISION Redmond is a connected community that enhances livability and sustains the environment, and that places Redmond as a leader locally, regionally, and nationally. DEPARTMENT ROLES Directors will be working with their departments to develop focused workplans that support the vision. COMMITMENT TO YOU Staff development is vital to our growing city and organization - developing broad skill bases, expanding experience, and supporting the next generation of leaders to carry forward the vision and mission. This involves training, mentoring, coaching, and opportunities to work collaboratively on cross-departmental teams. COMMUNICATION AND INVOLVEMENT Our efforts will provide transparent, timely, and clear communication to the organization and community. I’m excited to connect with you and your department. I know a lot of you have new ideas and solutions, and I hope you’ll share those with me as I start to make my way around to meet with each department the week of January 13. You can also send me your thoughts. As an organization, we have opportunities to work together to improve upon what we’ve built and ensure that Redmond remains a city where all are welcome, and all thrive! This is Our Story, Our Redmond.

With sincere appreciation,


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