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STAINLESS STEEL MULTI-PURPOSE MIRRORS & ANTI-FROST/CONDENSATION Multi-use VIALUX ® stainless steel mirrors adapt to any indoor and outdoor environment off of public roadways. These stainless steel mirrors are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. The frostproof/fogproof versions of these mirrors, developed by VIALUX ® , do not require an electrical connection. Installation: galvanised steel brackets for walls, round posts (ø 76 to 90 mm) and rectangular posts (60 x 80 mm or 80 x 80 mm). Important: Our Anti-frost Stainless Steel mirrors may only be installed on steel posts. Black gasket: mirrors are surrounded by a PVC gasket with a metal frame that resists tough outdoor conditions. Stainless Steel Quality: the unbreakable, UV-resistant stainless-steel mirror surface ensures a long life span, with a precision polish for unparalleled image quality. Stainless Steel & anti-frost/anti-condensation Quality: the stainless-steel mirror surface is equipped with an exclusive defogging and defrosting system that requires no electrical wiring. The mirror equipped with a system which requires exposure to the sun , its operation will not be optimal if it is installed against a wall or if it is constantly in a shaded area. Accessories: posts available for all models. Contact us.

■ Code 834

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

years warranty DEVICE

years warranty

years warranty

Max. distance from user to mirror

Stainless anti-frost/anti-condensation



9 m

600 x 400 mm


834 AB

11 m

ø 600 mm


836 AB

20 m

800 x 600 mm 838

838 AB

Stainless Steel on post / on wall

Anti-frost/anti-condensation on post / on wall

2 directions

ANTI-FROST/ANTI-CONDENSATION / 2-in-1 functionality The fogproofing function of our VIALUX® mirrors prevents fog from forming, regardless of temperature and humidity conditions where the mirror is installed. The frost-proofing function of our VIALUX® mirrors can withstand temperatures as low as -20°C. The mirror releases latent heat stored during the day to keep mirrors free of frost and condensation.

anti-frost anti-condensation

90° visibility

years warranty DEVICE

Code 836

Code 834 AB


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