PROCITY 2022 - Full catalogue


HEMISPHERIC MIRRORS 1/2 SPHERE CEILING MOUNTED Horizontal hemisphere mirrors are designed to be hung from the ceiling. They help to guide traffic at intersections in factories and warehouses. Installation: hang from ceiling, delivered with 4 chains (1 m each). PMMA quality: the PMMA mirror surface offers a clear view with flawless image quality. While sturdy, it is still subject to breakage. Polycarbonate quality: the polycarbonate mirror surface is unbreakable and has an M1 fire rating. This mirror has a hole drilled in it to allow water from automatic fire extinguisher systems (sprinklers) to drain out.

years warranty Polycarbonate Quality

years warranty

Max. distance from user to mirror

PMMA ® Quality

Mirror surface

8 m

ø 660 mm


3660 PC

■ Code 3695

10 m

ø 800 mm


3680 PC

15 m

ø 1150 mm


3695 PC

■ To be hung from the ceiling

Covers 4 directions

360° visibility

1/2 Sphere made of polycarbonate with pre-drilled hole allows water from sprinklers to drain out.

Code 3695 PC

Code 3680


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