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As many of my clients may be aware, I’m a bit of a space nerd. If something involves breaking out of Earth’s gravity and being out among the stars, then I’m completely fascinated by it. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of “Star Wars,” and when my family took a trip down to Orlando a few years ago, one of my requests was that we visit the Kennedy Space Center. So back in February of this year, my eyes were fixed on the sky — or more accurately the livestream — when Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket launched. The SpaceX CEO would later call the launch “epic.” Musk told reporters, “That’s probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen, literally.” I would have to agree with him. I’ve always admired Elon Musk. In the early days of SpaceX, he risked his entire fortune after the failure of two launches of the original Falcon Rocket. He only had enough money for one more launch. The odds of success were not good. Fortunately, it succeeded, and the rest is history. Now, years later, after more than 50 successful launches of the reusable Falcon 9 Rocket, on the morning of Feb. 6, 2018, the Falcon Heavy Rocket — essentially three Falcon 9 rockets strapped together — became the most powerful rocket on the planet to successfully launch into space. The massive rocket went up beautifully, and two of the three reusable

Roadster (made by another company owned by Mr. Musk) and its mannequin driver named “Starman.” The video of the Roadster drifting above our planet, with a sign on the dashboard that said “Don’t Panic!” was incredible, though not everyone was as impressed. One of my friends (who’s a great guy but can be a little negative) saw footage of the Roadster in space and complained, “Real nice. A rich boy spent millions to send his car into space; meanwhile, people are starving on Earth.” An article with a similar sentiment appeared in a British newspaper as well. Of course we should help people who are struggling on Earth. That’s my purpose as a workers’ comp lawyer, after all. But I think people who looked at the orbiting Roadster and only thought “What a waste of money” probably missed the point. The Falcon Heavy is more than twice as powerful as our next most

boosters returned to the touchdown zone as planned. Even President Trump commented that he had never seen anything so amazing as the two boosters touching down on earth together. The launch and booster return were indeed awesome, but it was all upstaged by the test cargo aboard the rocket: a red Tesla shouldn’t tell people they can’t dream of the stars before planet Earth is perfect.” “This doesn’t mean we should stop trying to solve the problems we face on Earth, but we

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