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shared with me how much she loved to bake, but because of the amount of preparation needed, she had stopped. I suggested that we book a time in the open kitchen, choose a recipe, and we could prepare it together. It turned out she was very talented and it became an enjoyable experience for us both. Her smile at the end of our session was a memorable one,” shares Ajay Chhabra, Dining Services Manager at Seasons Milton. As you search for a retirement home for yourself or a loved one, during your visit ask to see the menu or have

a conversation with a member of the dining services team to get a glimpse into the dining experience. In your retirement years, you should expect to continue the traditions and routines that you appreciate most and enjoying meals should be no exception. *Meals provided vary by residence. **Events may be restricted due to visitor protocols.

Throughout the day, there is a 24-hour bistro available to residents for refreshments between mealtimes, including juice, coffee, tea, baked goods, and fresh fruit. We also have spaces that residents can reserve to host events or gatherings for special occasions.** For many of our team members, one of the most rewarding aspects of their job is the opportunity to get to know residents and their families. “I like to make sure I spend time in the kitchen cooking, but also out in the dining room getting to know the residents. One time, I met a resident who

Lunch includes a main entrée with a variety of sandwich options and warm soup choices. Dinner is the main meal of the day and is served more restaurant-style. It includes soup and salad choices, an entrée, two potato choices and two vegetable choices for a balanced plate. There are always five to seven options to choose from for the entrée such as steak, chicken, or fish. If you desire a vegetarian option, our chefs can accommodate this preference. If residents have special medical dietary needs, such as diabetes, for example, we can help with portion control and offering desserts that are sugar-free or low in sugar. Menus have a five-week rotation and reflect the changing seasons, with lighter fare offered in the spring and summer and wholesome comfort foods in the fall and winter. In addition, resident favourites prepared year-round, such as classic meatloaf and roast beef dinners. We encourage feedback and aim to cater to the tastes and desires of the residents in each community. Each community has an opportunity to share their comments and suggestions at a monthly Food Committee meeting. “Our residents have prepared meals for their households, many have even farmed to feed their communities. We understand that they will want to have a say in the meals we prepare for them, having them involved makes our final product even better. We want to focus on developing a menu and recipes that will provide a taste of nostalgia with added flare to expand and elevate their palates,” adds Ramon Thompson, Dining Services Manager at Seasons Camrose.

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