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LET'S GET Moving!

P hysical activity is an important part of moderate to vigorous-intensity aerobics each week, spread out into sessions of 10 minutes or more. It is also beneficial to add muscle and bone-strengthening activities using major muscle groups at least twice a week to maintain good posture and balance, according to the Government of Canada website. From this, seniors can expect to be healthier and more independent for longer. maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People 65 and older should take part in at least 2.5 hours of While it’s likely not surprising to be reminded that exercise can be good for us, sometimes it’s hard to get excited about working out or maybe safety concerns are holding you back. Whatever the reason, Seasons wants to help and encourage residents to move more! Our Signature Program “Kickin’ It Up!” motivates residents to take part in physical fitness programs and classes offered on the monthly activity calendar. This is done successfully in the following ways: 1) Education. Each home has a series of educational tools aimed to help residents understand the benefits of exercise for seniors. 2) Excitement. While our activities are good for our residents’ health, we also ensure that they’re fun and engaging! 3) Incentives. We reward participants in a series of challenges to encourage them to take part and improve their physical fitness. Additionally, Seasons has also partnered with a new company called StrongerU Senior Fitness, which will

empower our team members to deliver exceptional senior fitness experiences. Once team members complete their online certification, they will be able to access the StrongerU Senior Fitness Series, which arms them with 30-minutes of new pre-choreographed content each month. “We bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation by giving instructors everything they need to teach quality, safe, effective and engaging senior fitness class that truly reaches Canada’s physical activity guidelines for older adults,” says founder, Emily Johnson. “We are the first senior fitness certification of our kind globally and we are excited about our partnership with Seasons. Its residents can anticipate a dynamic fitness experience that engages them physically, intellectually, and socially. Set to popular music, residents can work to enhance their cardiovascular health and overall strength and balance by participating in the program. It’s excellent that Season Retirement Communities is committed to keeping residents physically strong, intellectually sharp, and socially connected!” says Emily. Seasons will work to support our residents in their journey to becoming as healthy and active as possible, regardless of their fitness level. All residents are welcomed and encouraged to participate to the best of their abilities. As a reminder, you should consult your health care provider for personalized advice before starting a new exercise program. If you have questions about our fitness programs, please speak with the Seasons Health & Wellness Manager.

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