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Don’t Struggle With Hip, Knee Or Leg Pain Again! CRESTVIEW PHYSICAL THERAPY


Walk, run,bend,andsquatallwithoutpain! Areyouexperiencingpain in the sideofyourhip,groin, thighorknee? Doyouhave swellingand stiffness inyourkneeorankle joints? Doyouexperiencepainafterwalking longdistances? Does ithurt tokneelorbend? Yourkneesandhipsmoveanaverageofamillion timesperyear.Prolongedsitting, injuries, arthritisanddiseasecanaffect thenormalmotionsof thehipsandknees.Thiscancause greaterpressure incertainpartsof the joint, resulting inexcessivewearand tearwhich can ultimately lead to pain! The good news is that this loss ofmotion is treatable by our specialists at CrestviewPhysicalTherapy. Weofferone-on-one,hands-onmanual physical therapy, painmanagement, and non-surgical orthopedic procedures for pain. You get the results you deserve!Our specialists are trained to not only get rid of your symptomsofpainbut toaddress thesourceof theproblem.Alongwithan individualized exercise programwe get you out of pain and teach you the tools to remain pain free. If youare suffering frompain,our aquatic therapyprogram willdecrease thepainand stiffness andmaydelayorprevent theneed formore invasive treatments, like surgery. Call today sowecanmakeapositivedifference in your life.

CRESTVIEW 577BrookmeadeDrive Crestview,FL32536

BUSINESSHOURS Mon-Thur:8am–5pm Fri:8am–2pm POOLHOURS Mon,Tues&Thur:8am–8pm Wed:8am–4:30pm Fri&Sat:8am–12pm

t:850-682-7466 f:850-682-6591

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Weare thearea-wideexperts inCrestview,FL AquaticTherapy!

We Will Get You Up & Run ing!

GetBack To Life PainFreeWith Aquatic Therapy


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