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Lien resolution prior to settlement disbursement creates financial stability and peace-of-mind for your client’s future. With a large national footprint and years of experience, Lien Resolution Partners can reduce liens by 63% on average. Ringler’s Lien Resolution Services can be used on one case or many. It’s up to you! Offered as a low-cost solution, our goal is to make your job easier and to get as much money as possible to your client.

It’s critical to have the right people, process, and technology in place to effectively and efficiently bring liens to an optimal resolution. Using Ringler Lien Resolution Services™ powered by Lien Resolution Partners, frees up your time to focus on your cases rather than the liens associated with them. We understand that it is critical to confirm the existence of any liens and to ensure resolution of those liens prior to disbursement of settlement funds. As such, we work closely with Lien Resolution Partners to focus on audit, verification, negotiation, and settlement of Private Health/ERISA, FEHBA, Tri-Care, Disability, Provider, Medicare, and Medicaid liens. In short, we strive to make your job easier and get as much money as possible to your client. There are several factors that determine whether a healthcare payor has a valid and recoverable claim against your client’s settlement. Consequently, successful lien resolution is dependent upon a detailed evaluation and strategy for each lien. Here are a few factors we take into consideration: • Confirmation of existing healthcare liens • Verification of the healthcare payor rights of recovery for past and future injury-related care • Review of nature and extent of medical treatment provided to your client • Examination and audit of the billed amounts, focusing on relatedness of medical claims • Available compromises, waivers, and offsets THE LIEN RESOLUTION PROCESS

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