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By Jonathan Epstein, CCIM, JTJ Tech, LLC Compromised Life Safety Sprinkler Systems put Lives in Jeopardy


ompromised life safe- ty sprinkler systems put lives in jeopardy.

owner. Each building owner fulfils this obligation typi- cally through its own vigi- lance, or may get delegated a property manager, building occupant, tenant or some combination thereof. Each year, sprinkler pipes freeze causing unwanted deluges which are difficult and costly to manage, reme- diate and restore. One claim can easily cause hundreds of thousands – or millions – of dollars in damages, including lost time and productivity. Most sprinkler rooms are heated with an un-calibrated unit or baseboard heater and

are often overlooked until the onset of cold weather. This approach, based upon the temperature of the room’s air, is expensive, inefficient and unreliable. In select buildings, those costs are passed through to the occupants in the form of common area maintenance (CAM). Heating vacant suites also requires large amounts of heating energy, since they are programmed to initialize heat based on the suite’s air temperature. The Salamander Reser- voir can be easily and cost-

effectively installed on new or existing wet and dry sprin- kler systems to monitor and protect these critical systems so that they can work as designed in the event of an emergency. In wet sprinkler systems, the Salamander uses the real-time data from within the pipes to initialize heat when the water conditions require. The control system can also notify designated parties when the water tem- peratures get low, and when they are safe. In dry sprinkler systems, like parking garages and

Jan 30, 2020 Northeastoperations Jersey City, NJ — Duke Realty , one of the largest domestic only, pure-play lo- gistics property REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) in the United States, has promoted Art Makris to regional senior VP of its Northeast operations. In his position, Makris will be responsible for the leasing and management of its existing in- dustrial properties in New Jer- sey and Pennsylvania, as well as identifying new development and construction opportunities. In addition, he will pursue and evaluate investments, focusing on land, building acquisitions, and build-to-suit and multi-ten- ant development projects. A 23- year associate of Duke Realty, Makris has been instrumental in growing the company’s pres- ence in Columbus, Ohio, where he has been directly responsible for the development of more than 14.5 million s/f of logistics space primarily at Ricken- backer Global Logistics Park and Park 70 at West Jefferson. Makris joined Duke Realty in 1997 and worked in the Cleve- landmarket before transferring to Columbus in 2005. He was promoted to vice president in 2006 and named market leader of Columbus in 2014. In 2018, Makris began overseeing the company’s operations in Cin- cinnati and Nashville, TN as well.  commercial freezers, a Sal- amander can alert when water is detected in areas that should be dry. This no- tification would be the first notification of a potentially compromised system. “I am excited about this technology, and would recom- mend it to anyone who has a wet or dry sprinkler system in a geography that’s prone to freezing. The Salaman- der Reservoir will help to protect your building and its occupants,” said Ted Wills, Jr.,president of Anchor Fire Protection in Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania. Jonathan Epstein is a commercial real estate profess ional and co- founder of JTJTech, LLC, the inventors and exclu- sive distributors of The Salamander Reservoir.  Makris named regional SVP of Duke Realty’s

This is why pipe freeze in sprinkler s y s t e m s has always been – and continues to be – a ma- jor concern for property owners and managers.

Jonathan Epstein

According to the National Fire Protection Association sprinkler code, the obligation of preventing sprinkler pipe freeze falls to the building


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