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turned into dust bowls or mud puddles, held a lot of good memories for me. In fact, my first year as a season-ticket holder was in the last year that the old stadium was still standing. As everyone knows, the new stadium was built right next to the old one, and when construction was finished, they tore the old one down. Many people think we local fans are pretty spoiled when it comes to our team. Many Patriots fans have only seen games in Gillette Stadium, with its fancy working bathrooms and paved parking lots. And while it’s true that we’ve had many championship seasons these past few years, we had to go through a lot to get to this point. The long period of drought we had to overcome has made us all stronger. Patriot fans paid our dues and stuck with our team through it all, and it has definitely paid off. These Patriots teams are different. They play to win, and they play for all 60 minutes of the game. They don’t make excuses and don’t accept anything less than excellence from their players. The Patriots work hard and make smart choices on the field. They didn’t become great teams overnight. They had to work at it, and they took a long time doing it. Their results speak for themselves. The Patriots’ coaches prepare them, spending hundreds of hours doing so. They don’t chase the next shiny object and would rather have a good player who is able to perform every game than a more talented player who is injury-prone or inconsistent. Our clients never get to see — or have to endure — all the preparation and work that goes into bringing a case to successful conclusion. But we have seen time and time again that the extra effort pays off many times over. Just like our favorite football team, we strive to give all our clients the best results possible by living through our motto: Results Matter. –Steve Brooks


Bowl XX in New Orleans. Nearly everyone in my college dorm gathered to watch the Cinderella-story Patriots take on the heavily favored Chicago Bears. Wynton Marsalis played the national anthem, and Bart Starr performed the coin toss. Our team scored first on a field goal within the first two minutes, and we were on our way to victory. Unfortunately for the Patriots, there were 58 more minutes left in the game, during which the Bears ended up dominating the Patriots by a score of 46-10. This heartbreaking loss was consistent with other Boston teams, since we had felt the “curse of the Bambino” with our Red Sox for a long time. I’m sure everyone remembers Bucky Dent’s home run in 1978, and who could forget Bill Buckner’s error during the 1986 World Series, which happened exactly nine months after the Patriots’ historic Super Bowl defeat? I remember supporting my team from the cold metal benches of Schaefer Stadium, later called Sullivan Stadium and Foxboro Stadium. The old stadium, with its dirt parking lots that either

When February comes around, there’s usually one thing on every football fan’s mind: the Super Bowl. I was in Orlando over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend with my family watching the Patriots’ division playoff game, and it got me thinking how far the Patriots have come to get where they are today. I thought back on it and realized I’ve been able to witness a lot of the growth the team has experienced over the years. Having gone through decades of watching mediocre Patriots teams as a teenager, I’ve had to witness my favorite players get beaten every year while hoping we would finally catch a break. Although we had some great players, the Patriots could never seem to get very far and almost never made it to the playoffs. While Gillette Stadium sells out regularly now, there were many Sundays where home games were blacked-out by the local network television station because not enough tickets were sold. Finally in the 1985 season, our 11-5 wild-card team was able to win three playoff games on the road and make it to the big game: Super


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