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between insulators and conductors, demonstrated the law of conservation, and even coined the terms charge , discharge , conductor , and electrify to describe electricity. Electricity plays an important role in physical therapy, and I don’t just mean that it keeps the lights on in our clinics. We actually use a treatment called electrical stimulation to help decrease our patients’ pain and increase mobility. Electrical stimulation, or e-stim, involves applying electrodes to the skin and administering a gentle electric current to contract weak muscles, alleviate pain, or reduce inflammation. As a tribute to Franklin’s innovative spirit, my staff and I want to share our own favorite inventions with you. Personally, I think that the best invention since sliced bread is heated car seats, and at least a few of my patients agree! We’ve chatted a lot about the importance of warm seats lately because of the snow we’ve gotten, and we all agree that once you have heated seats, you’ll never go back to normal ones. That has definitely been true for me. The first car I ever bought out of college was a brand-new Volkswagen Jetta with an all-weather package (I thought I was pretty hot stuff!), and it had heated leather seats. That was my first warm seat experience, and I made sure to repeat it with my next car.

Before I dive in to this month’s newsletter, I’d like to say a quick welcome to our new readers. I’m thrilled that opening an office in Bristol has allowed me to help more patients and reach more of you with this newsletter. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy these monthly updates from our office! Now, on to this month’s news. Instead of looking ahead, I want to start off the new year by looking back — way back — all the way to the colonial days of 1706. Founding Father Ben Franklin was born that year on Jan. 17, and since PTs like me owe a lot to Franklin, I thought it was only fitting to pay him a tribute during his birthday month! Without Franklin, odds are we’d live in a very different world. Not only was he instrumental in shaping our country (he helped draft the Declaration of Independence, after all) but he was also a prolific writer and inventor. It’s thanks to Franklin that we have fire departments, public libraries, and, most importantly in the PT world, a better knowledge of electricity. Every American kid learns about the risky experiment Franklin conducted by tying a key to a kite and flying it into a thunderstorm, but I’d guess fewer people know that he also invented his own battery, discovered the difference

When I asked my staff at the Terryville and Bristol locations what they thought the all-time best inventions were, Christine Watson, one of my PTs in Bristol, had an answer close to mine: heated steering wheels. Almost everyone else put their money on inventions in the tech field. Ryan Edgar, a PT from Terryville, thought Google topped the list. Bristol receptionist Sarah Decker said she’s a big fan of Bluetooth technology, and Terryville aide Justin Rivera agreed, pointing to wireless headphones. Jessica Cook, our Terryville receptionist, thought smartphones were the best invention. My final two employees went against the grain by picking things to eat and drink. Bristol athletic trailer Sal Bozzuto said coffee was the best thing humans have come up with, while Terryville aide and receptionist Skye Rosado (who may have been a bit hungry when I asked her) went with tater tots as her top pick. Next time you stop by one of our offices for assistance recovering from a sports injury or managing a chronic condition, we’d love to hear what your favorite invention is! And if e-stim is part of your treatment plan, don’t forget to thank Benjamin Franklin. –Jarred Parker

Are You Struggling With Shoulder Pain? If you answered “yes,” join us at our Bristol office for a Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Workshop on Wednesday, Jan. 29! We’ll discuss the shoulder, pass on tips that will make your life easier, and answer your questions. To save your slot, call us today at 860-540-4920!

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