SaskEnergy Second Quarter Report - September 30, 2018

3. Summary of significant accounting policies (continued)

b. Change in accounting policy (continued)

For each performance obligation, the Corporation determines at contract inception whether it satisfies the performance obligation over time or satisfies the performance obligation at a point in time. Estimates of revenues, costs or extent of progress toward completion are revised if circumstances change. Any resulting increases or decreases in estimated revenues or costs are reflected in profit or loss in the period in which the circumstances that give rise to the revision become known by management. SaskEnergy has the exclusive right to distribute natural gas within the province of Saskatchewan. The Corporation may purchase, distribute, sell, manufacture, produce, transport, gather, compress and store natural gas as per the SaskEnergy Act. The Corporation’s natural gas commodity revenue and transportation services are based on the consideration specified in contracts with customers. Revenue is recognized when control of the product is transferred to the customer or transportation service has been completed. This is generally at the point in time when the customer obtains legal title to the natural gas at its custody transfer point or the transportation service has been completed at the customer’s pipeline location and collection is reasonably assured. The amount of revenue recognized is based on the consideration specified in the contract.

The Corporation’s principle sources of revenues and methods applied to the recognition of these revenues in these condensed interim financial statements are as follows:

i. Commodity Sales and Delivery Service

Commodity sales Commodity sales contracts with customers generate revenue from the sale of natural gas to customers. Revenue is recognized at a point in time when the Corporation sells natural gas to customers, who consume the natural gas to heat their homes or operate their businesses. Title to natural gas purchased from SaskEnergy, and all related risks remain with SaskEnergy until the gas is consumed at a metering point. At the metering point, the customer consumes the natural gas and the performance obligation is satisfied. The commodity charge is then billable to the customer as there are no further performance obligations outstanding. Delivery services A delivery service contract generates revenue from the transportation of natural gas to customers. Delivery revenue is recognized when natural gas is transferred to customers at their meter point. SaskEnergy has the exclusive right to distribute natural gas within the province of Saskatchewan.

Delivery services as stated in the SaskEnergy tariff, include both a basic monthly charge (“BMC”) and a delivery service charge:

A BMC is a fixed monthly charge payable by the Customer for Natural Gas Services provided by SaskEnergy or made available to the Customer irrespective of the volume of gas consumed. As such, this charge can benefit the customer on its own and it is regularly sold separately to customers to enable on demand access to the other services provided. A delivery charge is the distribution of natural gas to customers. The delivery charge is incurred when gas is distributed through the pipeline system to the customer. As customers can contract for supply from Gas Retailers, SaskEnergy regularly provides the delivery service separately from other services and the customer can benefit from the delivery service on its own or in conjunction with other services provided to the customer. The BMC is distinct within the context of the contract as it is not affected by any of the other services provided to customers. It is recognized at a point in time and it is charged to customers monthly, regardless of whether there are any other charges associated with delivery and supply of natural gas. The delivery and commodity sales charges have no bearing on the BMC. The basic monthly charge relating to delivery service is a single performance obligation and is distinct from commodity sales. Delivery without supply (Gas Retailer customer) or Delivery and Supply (Delivery Service Customer) are a single performance obligation.

Commodity sales and delivery charge as a single performance obligation

Commodity sales are the provision or sale of natural gas molecules, as opposed to the delivery service being the transportation of the natural gas molecules. The delivery service charge and commodity sales are highly interrelated. While delivery service can occur without commodity sales, as evidenced in Gas Retailer transactions, commodity sales can only arise with the associated delivery service. Commodity sales and delivery service have been assessed on a portfolio basis, as the delivery and commodity sales of natural gas are a



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