King's Business - 1944-02

" A n d t h a n k n a n , Father, that I can NOW have my Sunday School Lessons

in pretty Colors

a n d m ob e e a M h f le a A n a u a n t I f a n Teachers as well as children will be thankful, too, for no more coloring will be needed when you use the famous

P h o ,o b y H a r o ld I M

MANUAL O F V ISUA L TEACH ING Improved International Uniform Series tf-osi rL/au>i tylx*nnelhociSulL Every Sunday's Lessons with Complete Teaching Instructions and Colored Cut-outs 13 Sunday School lessons $i.50 p e r qua rter 13 object lessons O rd e r th e A p r il- Ju n e issue to d a y Ôth&i fylannehyuvph McUe/Uali S P E C I A L S T O R IE S Animated Life of Jesus^Can be used for a six months’ study, 50c. Com­ plete with map made of DuVella, size 28x40 inches, $2.50.

Resurrection o f Jesus, 25c. Tale of Two Cities, 35c. The Two Ways, 35c. The Second Coming of Jesus, 35c.

The Christian Soldier, 25c. There Was A Crooked Man, 25c. Humpty Dumpty, 25c. Birth o f Jesus, 25c. Colored, 50c.

Life of Christ——Two Volumes— Volume I: Birth of Jesus to Healing of a Sick Man, 10 lessons, $1.00. Volume II: Jesus and the Children through Jesus’ Ascension and Commission, 10 lessons, $1.00. Creation and Old Testament Stories— Three volumes, 10 lessons in each. Volume I: Creation through Jacob by the Well, $1.00. Volume II: Joseph through Elijah, $1.00. Volume III: Elisha and Elijah to Life of Christ, $ 1 . 00 . Bible Verses Visualized and How to Teach Them — 13 Bible Verses and 13 methods for teaching memory work. Complete, $1.00. Bible Songs Visualized— Music, words, cut-outs for seven favorite choruses and hymns for children, $1.00. In color, $1.50. Free copy o f Flannelgraph catalogue upon request Christian Publications, Inc. 1507 N. Third Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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