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Control of Hazardous Energies Refresher / V3 2023-12-04

Candidates, who already possess the intended knowledge, skills, and abilities of the GWO CoHE Refresher Standard can apply for merit using the GWO merit process.


7.2 Aims and Objectives Training in accordance with this GWO CoHE Refresher Standard will enable participants to manage the risks related to hazardous energies in the wind industry and act safely when in the vicinity of hazardous energies or when working on systems and equipment containing hazardous energies. 7.3 Duration of the GWO CoHE Refresher Modules The total contact time for completing the stand-alone modules in the CoHE Refresher Standard is 7 hours and 30 minutes. This is based on the times given in the module timetables and summarised in table 7.4.1 below.

The training provider must not exceed the time per day given in table 7.4.1 below.



CoHE Basic Safety Refresher Module

1 hours 10 minutes

CoHE Electrical Safety Refresher Module

4 hours

CoHE Pressure Fluid Safety Refresher Module

2 hours 20 minutes

Table 7.3.1 - Duration of the GWO CoHE Refresher Modules

Maximum Duration Per Day

Contact time

8 hours

Total training day

10 hours

Table 7.3.2 - Maximum durations for training days

Contact time includes delivery of course lesson content, practical exercises and activities directly related to these.


The total training day includes contact time, meals and breaks and travel between training sites (where applicable).

If a participant fails to meet the demands of a Control of Hazardous Energy Refresher training, they shall attend a new Control of Hazardous Energy Refresher training.

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