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Control of Hazardous Energies Refresher / V3 2023-12-04

7.4 Validity Period The CoHE Refresher Standard Modules training is valid for the period stated in the table below. Certificates and training records shall be renewed before the end of a given validity period. A certificate or training record can be renewed up to two months prior to expiry and maintain the original certification date by uploading the previous certificates valid until date in WINDA.

If a certificate or training record is renewed outside of two months of expiry, it must carry the new date of certification.

The validity period is automatically calculated by WINDA by entering the course completion date.


Certificate Validity (Months)

CoHE Basic Safety Refresher


CoHE Electrical Safety Refresher


CoHE Pressure Fluid Safety Refresher


Table 7.4.1 - GWO CoHE Certificate validity periods.

7.5 Course Codes


Course Code

CoHE Basic Safety Refresher


CoHE Electrical Safety Refresher


CoHE Pressure Fluid Safety Refresher


Table 7.5.1 - GWO CoHE Refresher Module course codes

7.6 Participant Prerequisites for the GWO CoHE Refresher Standard

Training and experience prerequisites The participants shall possess valid CoHE certificates or training records in WINDA for the relevant refresher modules prior to attending the CoHE refresher trainings. There are additional prerequisites to attend the CoHE Electrical Safety Refresher and CoHE Pressure Fluid Safety Refresher Modules. The participants must have completed the CoHE Basic Safety and the BTT Electrical Module before attending the Electrical Safety Refresher Module. Also, it is strongly recommended that before attending the Electrical Safety Refresher Module, participants have some applicable working experience with electricity supervised by a Qualified Person.

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