2023-12-04_CoHE R_V3

Safety training

Control of Hazardous Energies Refresher / V3 2023-12-04

Suggested steps before the refresher training:

1. Create challenging, realistic assessment activities that are increasingly challenging for the participants e.g. scenarios. The activities should ask participants to make the required decisions and take the required actions that they need to make to reach the learning objectives. a. Within each assessment activity, it would be beneficial for the participants to have the possibility of failing (catastrophically) and be sent back to the start of that activity to try again. This allows reinforcement and practice until the participants can reach the learning objectives.

2. Identify the minimum information that participants need to know to complete those activities

3. Make that information available as an optional link or resource in the activities. Let people pull the information when they need it

4. Prepare specific, focused learning activities such as worked examples and more practice opportunities in the case that a participant shows a gap between the abilities and the desired learning objectives of the CoHE Refresher Standard During CoHE Refresher Modules training: 1. Facilitate the created challenging, realistic assessment activities for the participants e.g. scenarios: a. If a participant makes all the correct decisions and take all the right actions regarding, e.g. which safe working practices to use and decide on all the right and realistic actions without any guidance or support, the participants should be able to complete the refresher in the approx. time duration or in less time

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