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Safety training

Control of Hazardous Energies Refresher / V3 2023-12-04

b. Optional information and guidance should again always be available as a link or resource, so if a participant is interested in learning more, they can pull the material to them.

2. Once participants make their decision and act, consider showing the necessary information in the feedback i.e. first show the consequence of their choices and actions (e.g. what would happen if the participant failed to identify and avoid a safety hazard). Then show the information that the participant should have used, thought about, or looked at. 3. If a participant does not demonstrate the needed abilities or do not reach the learning objective(s), makes mistakes or needs guidance to correctly complete an activity, the participant should be provided with individual, specific, and focused learning activities to improve their performance and reach the learning objectives. These individual focused and specific additional learning activities should be provided to these participants until they have reached the learning objectives of the CoHE Refresher Standard. Examples of these individual focused and specific additional learning activities could be worked examples demonstrated by the instructor followed by more guided and independent practice for the participants to enable the participant to improve and reach the learning objectives. These additional, individual learning activities will very likely lead to additional contact time for the participant than what is listed in the approx. time duration in the CoHE Refresher Standard.


Repeat as needed.

7.9 Instructor Qualification Prerequisites

A competent GWO CoHE Refresher instructor must adhere to the instructor in GWO’s Requirements for Training.


The training provider shall ensure that staff, facilities, and equipment are in place to support the training of participants.

8.1 Instructor to Participant Ratio

The table below shows the maximum number of participants permitted (per instructor) in an instructor-led training for each of the three modules:



Instructor to Participant Ratio

Theory (introduction) 1:12 Practical (assessment and learning activities) 1:8

CoHE Basic Safety Refresher Module

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15 / 55

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