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Safety training

Control of Hazardous Energies Refresher / V3 2023-12-04

Present the scope and main objectives of the CoHE Basic Safety Refresher Module through a challenge, a story, a scenario or “your goal with this module, should you choose to accept”-message

Where possible, "learning objectives – PowerPoint slide(s)” as part of the introduction should be avoided. Instead use stories, examples or personal experiences that shows the importance of being able to act safely when working in the vicinity of hazardous energies in the wind industry and the importance of the CoHE Basic Safety Refresher Module.


Please visit https://toolbox.energyinst.org/ for scenarios, incident lessons and safety information shared by global energy companies.


Ask the participants involving questions about the need for the CoHE Basic Safety Refresher Module when working in the wind industry

The participants shall:

Engage in answering the questions and share experiences relevant to the CoHE Basic Safety Refresher Module


Learning objective:

9) The participants can recognise the assessment procedure and the aim of ongoing assessment (Knowledge, basic level)

The instructor shall:

Explain the reasons for the ongoing assessment

Explain the GWO participant assessment form and how it will be used

Ask for the participants’ thoughts on the assessment procedure presented

The participants shall:

Engage in discussions on the assessment procedure and ask questions when in doubt in relation to the assessment procedure

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