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Safety training

Control of Hazardous Energies Refresher / V3 2023-12-04

a. participants, who demonstrate a gap between their abilities and the learning objective of this lesson, should be provided focused and specific learning activities to improve those participants´ performance until the participants have reached the learning objectives. These focused and specific learning activities could be worked examples demonstrated by instructor followed by guided and independent practice activities with feedback for the participants b. participants, who in the assessment activities demonstrate that they have achieved the learning objectives of the CoHE Basic Safety Refresher Module, are not required to spend any more time, or receive any additional specific training unless the participants are interested in learning more

See section 5.9 Design of the activities in the CoHE refresher standard for more information.


Examples of safety hazards to be covered during this assessment and learning activities are:


a. electricity (e.g., indirect, or direct contact with live parts)

b. contact or entanglement with rotating and moving parts

c. pressure fluids

d. stored energy

Give constructive feedback to the participants performance throughout the activities of this lesson

The participants shall:

Engage in the activities and think on the received feedback and use the feedback to improve their performance TRAINING REVIEW

5 min.

The aim of this lesson is to enable the participants to reflect on and process their learning outcome and key takeaways from the module, aiming to achieve a high learning transfer from the module to their way of working.


The instructor shall:

Re-present the overall aims and learning objectives of the module to facilitate the participants’ comparison of their learning outcome and the achievement with their previously stated expectations for the module:

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