2023-12-04_CoHE R_V3

Safety training

Control of Hazardous Energies Refresher / V3 2023-12-04

The participants shall:

Engage in answering the above questions


Learning objective:

5) The participants can recognise the facilities at the training location (Knowledge, basic level)

The instructor shall:

Present a general description of the facilities at the location (administration, dining area, restrooms, and toilets etc)

Alternative activity: lead a tour and point out facilities

The participants shall:

Note relevant facilities and ask questions when in doubt about facilities


Learning objective:

6) The participants show interest in fellow participants and the programme of Electrical Safety Refresher Module (Ability, basic level)

The instructor shall:

Explain and ask involving question about the programme of the Electrical Safety Refresher Module, including breaks and meal times:

Give a short introduction about themselves, including their backgrounds as instructors

Ask for participants’ expectations of the training and their learning training

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