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Safety training

Control of Hazardous Energies Refresher / V3 2023-12-04

10) Act independently in selecting and using safe work practices to reduce the associated risks to the hazards related to working around pressure fluids (Ability, intermediate level)

11) Act independently in treating all pressure systems as pressurised until a safe work condition has been established (Ability, intermediate level)

12) Take responsibility for establishing a safe work condition (Ability, intermediate level)

13) Act independently in following and completing safety documentation such as permits (Ability, intermediate level)

The instructor shall:

Explain safety procedures in the training area:

Facilitate assessment activities related to hydraulics (oils under pressure) for the participants that enable the instructor to assess the participants´ abilities to:

a. establish and maintain a safe work condition. As a minimum, the instructor shall assess if each of the participant can apply the following safe working practices during the assessment activities:


preparing for and planning the work

a.ii following and completing safety documentation such as permits

a.iii pre-task briefings

a.iv selecting and using the correct PPE for a given task

a.v pre-use check on pressure fluid test equipment and hoses

a.vi safe isolation and safe dissipation of pressure in a pressure system

a.vii identifying and mitigating pressure fluid hazards such as trapped pressure

a.viii identifying deranged equipment

a.ix testing for absence of pressure

a.x apply Lockout-Tagout

a.xi searching for leaks in a pressurised system safely

Following the assessment activities, then participants, who in the assessment activities demonstrated and are assessed by the instructor to have:

a. a gap between their abilities and the learning objective of this lesson, should be provided focused and specific learning activities to improve those participants´ performance until the

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