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Safety training

Control of Hazardous Energies Refresher / V3 2023-12-04

An electrical system which as a minimum must be able to:

be live

be switched off and on

have accessible measuring points

have lockout-tagout applied to the system

have corresponding diagrams which reflect all components and connections

have stored energy (e.g., a 12Vdc battery)

have at least 2 loads with their respective isolations from the main source

• all components should be reflected in the electrical diagram showing all connections.

The electrical system should contain at least:

a 12 V battery

electrical protection

appropriate electrical wires



terminals for rail

push buttons (NO and NC)

1 contractor or relays for each load

Any equipment used during this GWO training module shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the national standards in the country where the training is taking place. When working in a country where there is no applicable national standard then the equipment shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the European standards.


Pressure Fluid Safety Refresher Module

The following equipment is required during the entire duration of this Pressure Fluid Safety Refresher Module:

• PPE suitable for pressure fluids tasks (Gloves, safety goggles, safety shoes or boots and suitable clothing or overalls)

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